Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Doug Dunn to Bailey Green, home on Whinnery Road; $84,000

Patricia Thoma and Joann Folk to Marizela Onate, 7.2 acres on Hartley Road; $70,000

East Liverpool

County Land Bank to Alan E Barnes Rentals, property at 715 Garner Ave.; 0

Trademark Advantage to Joel and James Nagel, home at 318 Fourth St.; $24,250

Clark and Lynn Miller to Thomas Wright, home on Pope Street; $122,000

William Miller to Parsons Brothers Realty, lot on Fourth Street; $5,000

John Eiler to James Dailey, home on Dresden Avenue; $3,500

Mimi Tambellini, et al, to Tiffini Springer and Gregory Spence, 0.8 acres on Lisbon Street; $10,000

Fairfield Township

Laura Nappi to Joel and Tracey Hively, home and 3.9 acres on Columbiana-Lisbon Road; $290,000

Emma Weaver Family LLC to Garwood Group LLC, 86 acres on Kelly Park Road; $692,704

Hanover Township

Ken and Robert Guthrie to Bill and Angela Burton, 0.7 acres on state Route 9; $6,000

Knox Township

Buzdooky Properties to Nicholas Donaldson and Joyce Berry, 2 acres on Center Road; $29,700


Greg Chepke to County Land Bank, property at 6 Chestnut St.; 0

Liverpool Township

Walter Eltringham to Ronald and Nicole Smith, property on Ohio Alley; $2,000

Frank and Diane Netti to Steven Gilbert, et al, 5 acres on Irish Ridge Road; $27,400

Melissa Ace to Cole Hamilton and Dawn Stewart, home on Carolina Avenue; $77,250

Madison Township

Rhonda L. Doland to Nelson Cox and Marlene Linville, 53 acres on state Route 45; $150,000

New Waterford

Arnold Fitzsimmons to James and Lisa Moraski, home on state Route 46; $80,300


Carl and Marsha Harig to William and Charlotte Crawford, vacant land on Depot Street; $4,500

Perry Township

David and Julie Solmen to Clam Flippin LLC, home on Stewart Road; $34,000


Earl Hutter to Sheldon and Diana Jarrett, home on New Garden Avenue; $55,000

DeGenova Holdings to William Dawes Inc., home at 558 E. State St.; $57,500


Barbara Parks to County Land Bank, property at 176 Main St.; 0

St. Clair Township

David Trotter to Prestige Properties of East Liverpool, home and 26 acres on Trotter Road; $207,000

Mark Eliseo to Brandy Cashdollar, home on Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road; $89,937

Constance Clarke to Charles and Laura Blaner, home and 8.5 acres on Moore Street; $130,000

Robert Walgate to James Palmer, property with structure on Berkshire Road; $7,000

Derek Johnston to David and Dawn Johnston, home and 1 acre on Old Fredericktown Road; $108,000

Richard Fernandez to Larry and Betty Davis, home on John Street; $42,000

M & A Birch Family Partnership to Columbiana CMKB Limited Partnership, 0.1 acre on Bell School Road; $300

F. Dike and Jennifer Dawson to Jeremy and Kristy Shaw, 0.9 acres on Woodland Drive; $9,500

Andrew and Dennis Giambroni, trustees, to Christine Buchheit, trustee, condominium on Eagle Drive; $172,000

Kenneth and Terri Delposen to Paul Bowyer, 1.2 acres on Hickman Road; $25,000


Franklin Township trustees to County Land Bank, home at 15554 state Route 644; 0

Unity Township

Kurt and Susan Baker to Village of New Waterford, 0.2 acres on Crestview Road; $6,300


County Land Bank to Cheslea Edmundson, property on 12th Street; 0

West Township

Mary Kaster to Lynnita Moore and Diana Lozier, home and 6.4 acres on Homeworth Road; $177,900

Yellow Creek Township

Jeanne Fields to Dylan Stephen, home and 1.2 acres on Bill Smith Road; $72,000


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