Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Steve Cederbloom, et al, to Mike and Teresa Hixson, 1.3 acres on Woodsend Drive; $37,450

Candace Radick to Derrin Weaver, home and 6.3 acres on Winona Road; $266,000

Hidden Creek of Route 62 to Charles and Denise Biery, trustees, residential structure and 1.4 acres on Woodsend Drive; $29,242

Center Township

Adam Landsberger to Sara Blake and Dustin Farinha, home on Thomas Road; $163,000

Jon and Derek Loshinksy to Jennifer Loshinksy-Huff, et al, home and 9 acres on U.S. Route 30; $148,900


Dustin Farinha to Nathan Alexander, home on South Elm Street; $129,000

Justina Channell to Paul and Fredda Work, home on North Vine Street; $170,000

Robert Schwartz to Zachary Gaydos and Alisha Schwartz, home and 1 acres on East Park Avenue; $196,000

Kenrick and Terri Burt to Harold Burt, home on Stanton Avenue; $110,000

Firestone Homestead to Sarah Muir, 0.34 acre lot on Homestead Drive; $64,000

Roger Blosser to Kathleen Backner, condominium on Meadow Place; $150,000

Donald and Helen Gromley to Faith Foor, home on Union Street; $73,000

East Liverpool

Sandra and Patricia Morris to Bryan Winters, home on Ohio Avenue; $53,000

Deborah Long to Victoria Muha, home on St. Clair Avenue; $40,000

Tim Felton to Leon Restropo, home on Ambrose Avenue; $25,000

Greg Wykoff and Huff Hoffman to Huff Hoffman, 0.2 acres on Orchard Grove Avenue; gift

East Palestine

Alison Dobbs, et al, to Sherrill and James McKinnon, home on Main Street; $20,000

Terri Ward to Kathleen Riggle, home on Adams Street; $67,900

Elkrun Township

Kathleen Watson to Nathan Kinder, 86 acres on Lusk Lock Road; gift

Fairfield Township

Eric and Juliet MacDonald to Richard Begalla and Carrie Snyder, home and 4 acres on Fairfield School Road; $416,000

Ruby Wright to Allen Wright, home and 4.5 acres on state Route 7; $93,000

Tom Laplante to James and Mary Hartz, home and 3.3 acres on Kelly Park Road; $229,900

Hanover Township

E & E Susany Ltd. to George and Lisa Davis, 2 acres on North View Lane; $20,000

James and Linda Mueller to Terrestrial Investments, 0.4 acres on Lakeview Road; $27,500

Knox Township

Edward and Marie Miller to Jonathan Miller, 78 acres on Bowman Road; $200,000

Donald Smith to Gregory Richi, home on Homeworth Road; $168,500


Phillip and Ashley Cibula to Travis and Robert Trummer, home on Columbia Street; $20,000

Shayne Todd to David and Marcia Todd, home on Lisbon Street; $95,000


Roger and Barbara Gallo to Jason and Kayla Rowland, home on Summit Street; $180,000

Liverpool Township

Dennis and Susan Giambroni to Erin Roush and Samuel Headley, home at 309 Azalea Avenue; $66,000

David and Virginia Tice to Allen and Kathryn Adkins, home on Kingsridge Road; $150,000

Nancy and James Davidson Jr. to Clarence and Mary Roberts, et al, partial interest in home on Springview Street; $7,500

Madison Township

Leopha Randolph Jr. to Wilburt and Jean Krafft, Trails End Motel and 1.9 acres on state Route 45; $86,500

Lake Chavel to MK Natural Resources, 74 acres (campground) on state Route 45; $308,000

Middleton Township

Wendy and Shurl Stover III to Shenandoah and Jessicia Moore, four lots on Chippewa Trail; gift

Eleanor McEndree to Tom and Megan McNear, two lots on Tomahawk Drive; $50,000

Perry Township

Carol Brown to Natalee Buta, home on North Union Avenue; $279,000

William Hoover to Millrun Enterprises, vacant property on Plymouth Place; $8,000


Ronald Sines to Kenneth Christman, home on Edgewood Drive; $125,000

Headlands Asset Management to County Land Bank, home at 880 Jennings Ave.; gift

Cathy Restifo, trustee, to Irwin Spotler and Daniel Vaughan, home on Pearce Circle; $372,500

Patricia Diantonio to Michael Rosta, condominium on Maple Street; $79,000

Shirley Brautigam, trustee, to Candace Radick, condominium on Westview Avenue; $175,000

Amy Watkins to William Watkins, home on Sixth Street; gift

Salem Township

Charles and Debra Jackson, trustees, to Dustin and Brittney Henderson, home and 8 acres on Jersey Ridge Road; $212,500


Lindsay Adkins to Carl Harris, property on Maple Hill Road; $5,000

St. Clair Township

Matthew Ludwig, et al, to Paul Ryan, home and 2.3 acres on Bell School Road; $119,500

Lita Hutchison to Nikola and Amanda Mussi, home on 1.6 acres on state Route 170; $199,000

Edward Doyle Jr., et al, to Michelle Johnston, home on Martha Street; $105,000

Arlene Obertance to Ian and Stacy McNally, home and 1.5 acres on Davis Drive; $295,500

Wayne Township

Laura and Richard Baker to Jeremiah Wilson, home and 5 acres on Seigler Road; $65,000


Lynn McDevitt to Dawn Beatty, home on Commerce Street; $49,000

Crystal Damico to Andrew Saling and Katherine Harrol, home on Clark Avenue; $34,000

West Township

Keith Casler to Eugene Lafleme, et al, home and 2.5 acres on Kettering Road; $164,500

Yellow Creek Township

Daniel and Janice Giles to Jeffrey and Denise Giles, home on Parshall Street; $87,000

Harry Smith to Vance Thomas Jr., home on Wellsville Hollow Road; $50,900

Richard and Darlene Williams to Susan and Curtis Cox, home on Terrace Drive; $70,000


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