Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Kimberly M. Andric to Franklin Jr. and Peggy Foley, home on Whinnery Road; $81,900

Mark E. and Rebecca A. Fleming to Rebecca A. Fleming, home on U.S. Route 62; $49,700

Eric L. and Kirk R. Hartzell to Earl C. and Connie L. Martig, home and land on Depot Road; $128,700

Center Township

Ronald L. and Debra L. Richards to Daniel Allen Holt, home on Sue Drive; $176,000

Tyler Xavier Sowards to Moriah K. and Evan R. Gottschalk, mobile home on Black Road; $210,000

Gary P. and Barbara Holloway to Barbara Holloway, home on Miller Road; 0


William D. and Mary L. Curll to Crystal Sadenwasser, home on South Vine Street; $64,900

Firestone Homestead LLC to Salem Community Hospital, 2.741 acres commercial land; $426,774

Paul J. and Mary L. Schraf to Eric J. and Scot J. Duran, multi-family home on Timberline Drive; $210,000

Joshua R. and Crystal G. Siembida Boggs to Dustin L. Daugherty, home on Fairfield Avenue; $139,000

Betty R. Burkey to Lori L. Rice, home on Old North Street; $153,000

Yankee Holdings LTD to Collin W. Witt, home on South West Street; $115,000

Eric J. Burkhart to Charles R. Dolnosich, home on East Friend Street; $136,000

Sheri L. and Randall J. Morocco to Taylor Marie Murphy, home on West Southern Avenue; $252,000

East Liverpool

Bruner Land Company Inc. to Mark A. Vojnovich, 5.592 acres on Leeper Road; $17,900

David P and Dale L. McGaffic to Lance C. Frank, home on Lisbon Street; $15,000

Edna M. Oakes to Kimberly s. Shannon, home and vacant land on Michigan Avenue; $29,000

Dennis M. Williams (State of Ohio) to Columbiana County Land Revitalization, home on Ninth Street; 0

Zach Paxson to Jacob Robinson and Zach Paxson, regional shopping center on Fifth Street; 0

East Palestine

Curtis M. and Tawny A. Tharp (trustee) to 330 Properties LLC, multi-family home on McCalla Street; $42,000

Robert Wilson to Janene M. Charlton, home on Bacon Avenue; 0

Brooke E. Harrison to Timothy Paul Darlington, home on Liberty Street and land on Main Street; $65,000

Thomas H. and Melody K. Evans to Troy Thomas Evans, home on Grant Street; 0

Scott and Wendy Snyder to Cody Banicki, home on West Grant Street; $88,000

Fairfield Township

Paul Joseph and Linda K. Esterly to Paul Joseph Esterly, home on state Route 46; 0

David Gouldsberry to Horst Property Holdings LLC, small retail store on state Route 7; $100,000

David P. Posey to Cory D. and Halley Pancake, home on Kelly Park Road; $206,000

Ronald L. Jr. and Amanda L. Bowman to A. Jansen Paumier, home on Woodland Drive; $50,000

Raymond W. and Lori Jensen to Michael D. and Ashley Coburn, home on state Route 164; 0

Franklin Township

Rhoda A. Dineen to Nicolas Kameron Talbott, 2.76 acres on Gavers Road; $0

Hanover Township

Mark and Veronica Berresford to Mark and Veronica Berresford, homes on 4.427 and 1.586 acres on Speidel Road; 0

Knox Township

Loni Quinn to Ty and Chondi Schaffer, home on Lake Front Drive; $30,000

Jeannette M. Emmons to Michael S. Knepp, residential vacant land on 3.5 acres on Homeworth Road; $40,000


Kimberly S. and Wanda J. JE Reash to Kimberly S. Reash, home and land on Pine Street; 0


Clam Flippin LLC to Lonnie Dean and Roxanne E. Johnson, home on West Lincoln Way; $88,000

Liverpool Township

Dominic Newtz and Melissa Presutti to Melissa Presutti, home on Kingsridge Road; 0

Melody J. Green to Travis C. and Renee A. Stewart, home on Center Road; $52,000

Marie E. Lowe to Maria E. Lowe, home and land on Northside Avenue; 0

Elizabeth P. Blackmore to Sandra Felekey, home on Northside Avenue; $45,000

Phillips T. and Sharon L. Egan to Phillips T. Egan and Brenda Hoffman, home and land on Campground Road; $10,000

Timothy C. and Melissa L. Phares to Timothy C. Phares, home on Queens Way; $167,200

John C. Collins to Christina L. Alford, home on Valley Avenue; $5,000

Rocco J. Dalonzo to Rocco J. Dalonzo and Lori A. Kiger, home and land on Hampton Court; 0

Madison Township

Russell E. and Janis E. Fraser to Eric and Patricia Gorrell, home on state Route 45; $265,000

Michael A. and Brenda B. Young to Brenda B. Young, home on Elm Drive; 0

Middleton Township

Bonnie J. Maynard to Cassie Barson, home and vacant land on Front Street; $59,900

Harold R. Feezle to Daniel R. and Angela B. Savors, 41.3 acres of agricultural land; $375,000

Bruno Kazenas to Susan Kazena, home on Yuma Trail; 0

New Waterford

Joshua and Jill Burton to Kathy D. Newlun, home on Waynewood Street; $170,000

Kenneth R. Picklesiemer to Kenneth R. Picklesiemer, home on Main Street; 0

Perry Township

William F. and Douglas M. Slanker to Perry Township Board of Trustees, home on Depot Road; $55,000

Thomas L. and Betsy D. Owen to Thomas L. and Betsy D. Owen, home and other residential structures on Pine Lake Road; 0


Linda Sue and Scot B. Scheuring to Lance W. and Heidi L. Golden, home on Shady Lane; $172,500

First Guaranty Mortgage to 180 Flipper LLC, home on Barclay Avenue; $89,000

Salem Township

Frank Grimes to RCD Realty LTD, small shops and other industrial structures (Buckeye Fabricators) on Butcher Road; $150,000

Lucas T. Hoperich to Lauren Glenn, home on Leetonia Road; $164,000

Edward K. Farmer to Edward K. and Charlene A. Farmer, 32 acres of agricultural land on Gamble Road; 0

St. Clair Township

Shawn P. and Jason Woods to Jason C. Woods, home and vacant land on Cornell Avenue; 0

Larry M. and Betty J. Davis to Charles D. II and Jacqueline L. Smith, home on Cannons Mills Road; $20,000

Janice Bowden to Cindy A. Cross, 105.4 acres of timber land on Berkshire Road; $10,000

Janice Bowden to Walter M. Jr. and Arlene W. Clark (trustee), 105 acres of timber land on McCoy Avenue; $22,000

Planet Home Lending LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Developement, home on Grimms Bridge Road; 0

Joseph Armstrong et al to Scott A. Steele, 7.3 acres on Stagecoach Road; 0


Scotina R. Beadnell to Howard H. and Stephanie A. Milhoan, home on Fink Road; $200,000

Unity Township

Earl Bishop to Richard A. Jr. and Irina Waida, home on Beaver Circle; $39,000

Marlene A. Duran to Ashley C., Richard E, Ernest R. Plum, home on Beaver Circle; $288,000

Fawn R. Smith to Joseph M. and Angela L. Sicklesmith, mobile home and 5.4 acres on Waterford Road; 0

Larry Elwood and Paula K. Cope to Natalie Iannacchione, home on Unity Line Road; 0

Charles Thomas Whippo to Donna Jean Whippo, home on Neeld Road; 0

Edward G. Brodigan Jr. to Edward G. Jr. and Monica Brodigan, home on Linda Way; 0

Michael C. and Lisa M. Shaw to Michael C. Shaw, home on state Route 14; 0


John B. McIntosh to Davina R. Thompson, home on Chester Avenue; $109,000

West Township

Leaning Acres Ranch LLC to Jackson D. and Irene M. Morris, 28 acres of agricultural land on state Route 172; $363,000

Jerry McCauley to Romona S. McCauley, home and agricultural land on Bayard Road; 0

Brian R. and Patricia L. Young to Patricia L. Young, home on Buffalo Road; 0

Brady L. and Nicole S. Koble to Brady L. and Nicole S. Koble, 1.5 acres on Walker Road; 0


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