Property Transfers

Butler Township

Richard and Shirley Saunders to Steve Hippley, land Burtview Place; $4,000

Belva Rayl to Aimee and Kathryn Strong, home on Carey Road; $221,500


Dibo Construction to Roland and Sharon Shafranek, property on Juniper Drive; $325,000

Clarabelle Baker to Strong Family Investments, home on Railroad Street; $32,000.

Victoria Curran to Corey Bowker, home on South Middle Street; $13,300

East Palestine

Clara Custer to Kenneth and Elizabeth Lorey, manufactured home and 0.3 acres on West Clark Street; $24,000

Elkrun Township

Tracey Wonner to Bernard Ritteger III, home and 1.1 acres on Elkton Road; $122,500

Franklin Township

Phyllis McKarns to Harry and Dawn Gotschall, home and 1 acres on Lewis Road; $128,500


Leadership Institute to Ronald D. Ingledue, home at 10159 Plymouth St.; $24,000

Hanover Township

Lake 23 LLC to Kevin May, commercial property (Skipper’s Drive-Thru) on state Route 172; $136,770

Louis and Louise Grande to William and Trina Craig, property with garage on Haessly Road; $9,900

Knox Township

John and Beverly Yaggi to Charles and Roxann Gottardi, 10 acres on South Bandy Road; $57,000

John and Beverly Yaggi to Grant Oesch, 10 acres on South Bandy Road; $60,210

Roger and Christine Kitzmiller to Abigail and Ernest Kash III, home and 12 acres on South Bandy Road; $315,000

Richard and Patricia Douglas to Cynthia and Charles Sluss III, home and 3.7 acres on Georgetown Road; $286,000

Liverpool Township

Abigail Stewart and Judy McGraw to Abigail Stewart, partial interest in home on Zenith Court; $66,150

William Talbott to Justin McGeehan, manufactured home and property on Azalea Avenue; $113,000

Juanita Lovett to Reverse Mortgage Solutions, home and 3 acres on Campground Road; $96,000

Madison Township

Richard Backus to Joshua and Alossa Hunter, home on state Route 45; $164,500.

Appalachian Resources LLC to Minerals Unlimited, mineral rights to 29 acres on Applegate Road; $15,000

Perry Township

Mike and Dawn Paulini to Stephanie and Daniel Devine, home on Springdale Street; $138,400

Christine Knierien to Ernest J. Smith, home and 1.6 acres on state Route ; $75,000

Ronda Goetz to Wayne Shanley, home on North Lincoln Avenue; $125,400


Hilda Beck to James Price, home on Park Avenue; $119,000

Josephine Callatone to Mona Diamond, home on Cedar Ridge Drive; $85,000

Elizabeth Tussey to Gosney Homes LLC, home on Merle Road; $35,000

Mina Parks estate to Strong Family Investments, home on East Third Street; $33,000

Home Savings Bank to 180 Flipper LLC, home at 1357 Robin Ave.; $62,000

Robert and Jessie Neel to Lakeview Loan Servicing, home on Jennings Avenue; $40,000


Anna McConnell to Margaret Maher and Jean Kearns, partial interest in home on Main Street; $11,667

St. Clair Township

Corey and Karen Blakeley to Nicholas and Rebekah Pirl, home on Long Church Road; $126,500

Tina and Tim Miller to Ohio Power Co., 1.5 acres on Carroll Road; $50,000

Unity Township

JP Morgan Mortgage to Russell Stover, home at 3947 Padgett Road; $85,000

West Township

Gooseneck Properties to J & M Reliable Renovations, 2.6 acres on Myers Road; $5,500

Gooseneck Properties to Edward Berry, property on Myers Road; $14,300

Yellow Creek Township

Mark Brinkley to Carlos and Dariela Irizarry, home and 15 acres on Wells Hollow Road; $50,000


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