Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Robert G. Brantingham to Winona Area Historical Society, home on Winona Road; $17,500

Center Township

U.S. Bank Association to Nikki Richards, home and 1 acre on Adams Road; $39,000

Melvin Bricker to U.S. Bank, (foreclosure) home and 2.1 acres on Saltwell Road; $40,000


Bonita Gaulding to Yankee Holdings, home on East Duquesne Street; $40,000

Angela McCarthy to Erin M. Bosela, home on North Main Street; $165,500

East Liverpool

Keith and Tamera Burke to Alisa Koerber and James Jones, home on Eighth Street; $6,000

Ronald and Penny Chevront to William Prodanovich, et al, home on Sunnyside Avenue; $29,000

Ronleen Inc. to George Kanj and Josee Daniel, residential vacant land on Mulberry and Locust streets.; $7,000

Bank of New York to Jacqueline Riley, home on St. George Street; $11,500

East Palestine

Brenda Munyon to Wells Fargo Bank, home and 1 acre on Howell Road; $40,000

G & R Property Group to Strohecker Properties, machine shop on Liberty Street; $50,000

Liza Torrence to Jeffrey and Sylvia Elliott, home on East Main Street; $53,000

Elkrun Township

Dennis Lewis to Dustin Lewis, home on Riffle Road; $20,000

Fairfield Township

Barbara L. Cope, et al, to Barbara L. Cope, et al, home on Nold Drive; $35,000

Robert Pyatt to Larry and Sarah Goehring, 0.27 aces on Signal Road; $1,000

Hanover Township

Jeanne Peterman to Kenneth and Robbie Moffett, house trailer and property on Sunrise Drive; $20,000.

EIGG Land Ltd to Chelsey K. Taylor, 33 acres on state Route 644; $111,254

Liverpool Township

Barbara Wasson, et al, to Jayson Jackson, et al, house trailer and 0.9 acres on Campground Road; $21,000

Jayson W. Jackson, et al, to Jayson W. Jackson, et al, same property on Campground Road; $10,500

Madison Township

Naomi Mattern to Joseph and Debora Pappas, home and 10 acres on Hammond School Road; $124,117

Paula B. Lester to John Vidovich, 29 acres on East Liverpool Road; $175,000

New Waterford

Mitchell Cohn, trustee, to Samuel Hartley, vacant property on Silliman Street; $1,800

Perry Township

Timothy and Denise Dickey to Douglas and Lori Davidson, 14 acres on Cunningham Road; $100,000


Wells Fargo Bank to Karl Getzinger, home at 1033 E. Third St.; $14,924

Kenneth H. Schrom to Jeffrey Dean, home on East 10th Street; $137,000

Leonard and Laura Carreon to Mark and Sandra Geist, home on Roosevelt Avenue; $117,000

Jerry and Edith Coalmer to Julie Clevinger and Eldon Ramsey, home on Jefferson Avenue; $112,900

George Peltz to Custom Comfort Systems, home on South Lincoln Avenue; $53,000

Salem Township

Mark Feezle, et al, to Jesse Butt, home and 1 acre on Butcher Road; $76,969


John T Higgins to Eric Smith Properties, home on Washington Street; $23,000

St. Clair Township

First National Community Bank to ELPG LLC (David Bickerton, incorporator), former bank on St. Clair Avenue; $525,000

Michael S. Young to Jodi and William Cole II, 12 acres on Grimms Bridge Road; $20,000

Unity Township

David Hostetter to Mark, Judy and Cody Schweikert, 1.5 acres on state Route 165; $10,000


Jeremy Hitt to Brandon and Paige Baughman, home on Ninth Street; $52,450

Methodist Church to Life Restoration Center International, church at 1000 Main St.; $30,000

West Township

Kenneth and Joyce Rogers to Shipley Brothers Realty, commercial property at 26982 U.S. Route 30; $150,000


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