Thank farmers for all of their hard work


Local residents already know it is hard to beat a meal prepared using ingredients purchased at our local farmers’ markets, or directly from our wonderful family farms, but Ohio officials have joined forces with a group of other Midwestern states to remind everyone eating local provides more ...

Pandemic’s impact on Social Security


Want another piece of bad news that be blamed, at least in part, on the COVID-19 pandemic? There is now so much financial pressure on Social Security and Medicare that the programs’ trustees have moved up by one year the date for which the depletion of Social Security’s reserves will ...

State dives into face masks issues

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Like many other COVID-19 pandemic issues, mandatory face masks for students at schools is causing a divide. The number of cases is hitting new highs on a routine basis with Ohio not seeing anything like this since January. We’re heading in the wrong direction. Many remain unvaccinated. Kids ...

Help reduce litter, damage to our wonderful state parks


In Ohio and throughout Appalachia, many escaped the confines of their homes during the pandemic by heading to a state or national park. Outdoor activity lends itself to social isolation while at the same time enhancing the health and wellbeing of those enjoying a day in nature. We are ...

He needs to solve his own relationship issues

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Dear Annie: My wife “Monica” has been having a mostly texting affair with “Mike” for almost two years. There are emails where they address each other with, “Hey, babe.” It is disgusting. I accidentally discovered this years ago, and again recently after I thought they had not talked ...

Appreciate all workers for their contributions


Many of us are enjoying today off from work as part of the Labor Day weekend. Some actually had Friday off, too, making for a real nice four-days off stretch. Judging by the crowds we have seen at the Canfield Fair, many of you took advantage of your down time to enjoy a trip there. Labor Day ...