Ohio Dept. of Ag backs our farmers


Ohio farmers are a proud and hardy bunch, accustomed to facing challenges without much assistance. For many of them, the idea of asking for help is difficult to process. It is a mindset the Ohio Farm Bureau is working to adjust with the campaign #gotyourback. Ohio farmers have not had an easy ...

Changes should not hamper water program


Ohio Environmental Protection Agency officials are adamant that proposed changes to the state’s water quality monitoring program would not diminish the program. In fact, “We see it really as more of an enhancement,” said Ohio EPA Director Laurie Stevenson. We hope that is the case. It ...

OSU wage bump is an exception


Ohio State University has announced that, beginning next year, it will be raising its own minimum wage to $15 per hour — apparently jumping on the trendy number embraced by precisely zero state governments right now (though Washington, D.C. comes closest at a $14 per hour minimum wage in ...

The drug abuse devil does exist

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The finest trick of the devil is to persuade you that he does not exist,” wrote French poet Charles Baudelaire in the mid-19th century. Since then, the line has been paraphrased many times, including in the 1995 film, “The Usual Suspects.” Clearly, the purveyors of death we know as ...

Show support for Chinese protesters


Let us hope and pray the world is not about to witness something like what happened 30 years ago in Beijing. If it happens again, this time in Hong Kong, there will be absolutely nothing the United States or anyone else can do to stop it. During late spring and early summer in 1989, an ...

Trouble in Texas hints at wider power shortages

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In recent years, Texas has become a bellwether for advances in wind turbines and renewable energy. The wide-open, breezy Texas panhandle offers some of the best wind resources in the country. But some surprising shortfalls are emerging in Texas' electricity production-and that could prove ...