Up periscope! Have a happy colonoscopy

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Just having undergone a colonoscopy, I thought I should share the experience with my readers. I share most everything else, so why not this? The problem is, some of the terms which must necessarily be used when describing bodily parts, events and, ah, products associated with the nether ...

Upset with message posted by former East Liverpool mayor

Letters To The Editor

To the editor: I’m writing this letter to address an issue I have with a post from the former mayor of East Liverpool, Ryan Stovall. As a previous elected official, he needs to be held accountable for his actions and called out for the response he posted regarding The Review’s front page ...

China targeting U.S. medical research

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Americans have become increasingly familiar with China's aggressive theft of U.S. intellectual property. And whether it's Huawei stealing trade secrets from T-Mobile, or a Chinese aviation company stealing the designs of 13 different aerospace companies, a clear pattern has emerged. Beijing is ...

Ensure security of patient records


Ohio’s medicinal marijuana program seemed to be operating without a hitch — until last week. Then, a Seattle internet privacy company revealed it had been able to access confidential information online about more than 30,000 medicinal marijuana patients in several states. The company, ...

Subjected to another Washington fiasco

Letters To The Editor

To the editor: Here we go again as Americans being subjected once more to a Washington fiasco. It just saddens the heart to think of our founding fathers who with all their concerned efforts tried to establish a country that provided all Americans assurance of a free and earnest government ...

Here is some good news to appreciate


While there is plenty of bad news around the world when we talk about the health of plant and animal species — some are endangered, others are pests ... some are gone forever — researchers stumbled upon something surprising last year in Ohio. According to the Ohio Department of Natural ...