Worshrag’s Getting Married

Local Columns

This is a column I was afraid I’d never get to write. Worshrag’s getting married!!! Yowzers! Huzzah! Boffo! Whoopee! Our joy is not just over the fact he’s getting married; it’s the wonderful “who” he’s getting married to. Honey and I have only known Busy Bee for a year, but ...

Broadband would close digital divide in rural areas

Letters To The Editor

To the editor: Throughout eastern Ohio, in rural communities up and down the Ohio river, homes and businesses lack Internet access and the vital connectivity it brings. The pandemic magnified these challenges for rural communities as our country transitioned to more and more remote work and ...

Door-to-door vaccine outreach is misguided


Last week, President Joe Biden’s COVID advisers defended the strategy for increasing vaccinations with door-to-door vaccine outreach in states where there has been an infection surge. Missouri Gov. Mike Parson voiced his opposition via Facebook, saying he instructed state health department ...

Supporting Ohio’s children by supporting their parents


As our country begins to reopen and return to what feels more like ‘normal,’ parents will once again be relying on child care as they return to in-person work. It is good, then, to get confirmation Ohio lawmakers understand the importance of child care. According to the Ohio Capital ...

Again! — It’s time for workers to get back to doing just that


We’ve all seen the signs. Drive through any community in our region and there are “Help wanted,” “We’re hiring,” and even “Signing bonus!” Signs everywhere. Employers are desperate for workers as the economy reopens, and have been for months, as April’s employment numbers ...

We need to get better at moving over on roads


Recently, the Ohio State Highway Patrol urged motorists to keep everyone safe by moving over when there is a stationary public safety vehicle, emergency vehicle, road service or highway maintenance vehicle on the side of the road. From 2016-20, OSHP cruisers were involved in 56 crashes that ...