Property Transfers

Butler Township

Darrell and Cynthia Birkhimer to Drew Hannay, 19 acres on Winona Road; $160,000

Elise Buttermore to Jacqueline Mercer-Sanor, home on U.S. Route 62; $71,500

Andrew and Gillian Gonci to Joseph Crowe, home on Terraho Drive; $247,500

Judith Richards to Matt and Mallory Richards, home and 6 acres on Winona Road; $325,000

Center Township

Nicole Eells, et al, to James and Laura Wallace, 39 acres on Saltwell Road; $190,000

Donna Ward, et al, to Dorothy Faloba, home and 2 acres on Eagleton Road; $69,000


Firestone Homestead to Leon and Lorraine Felinczak, 0.4 acre on Homestead Drive; $47,000

East Liverpool

Arthur Bosworth to Kali Watson, home on Boring Lane; $93,000

Kandi Tanner to Joseph Garcia, home on Pennsylvania Avenue; $500

Jodie McLaughlin, et al, to Josh Ingram and Joseph Garcia II, partial interest in home on Oak Street; gift

Leon and Susan Rubin to Russell Motors, home on Fourth Street; $36,000

John Henderson to Keiarra Abercrombie, home on Mulberry Street; $19,000

Cecil and Leola Hahn to Judy Delong, home on Riley Avenue; $14,000

East Palestine

Craig Israel, et al, to J. Mark and Lorrie Smith, home on Pine Tree Circle; $106,000

Alisa Moats to DSG Rentals, home on Martin Street; $10,000

M. Joanne and James Brown Jr. to Christian and Brandi Myers, home on Jackson Street; $75,000

Village of East Palestine to Todd and Jamie Rosen, 0.37 acre on Hillside Drive; $8,250

Elkrun Township

Randy Newberry to Heather and Robert Duncan, 0.9 acre on Morris Road; $4,000

Fairfield Township

David and Winifred Crowe to Frederick & Son Contracting, 7 acres on Maple Grove Lane; $50,000

James Frost to Horst Property Holdings, property on state Route 7 and SR 558; $100,000

Franklin Township

Malakia Hilton to Karisa Kittle, home and 2.6 acres on Bethesda Road; $99,000

Hanover Township

Shirley Witherspoon to Carl Binius and Eva Murphy, home on Lake Knoll Avenue; $225,000

John and Sally Tinnemyer to David Meyers and Amy Bunger, home on Wooddale Drive; $465,000

Scott and Nathaniel Smith to Nathaniel Smith, partial interest in home and 15 acres on East Lake Road; gift

Kenneth and Robert Guthrie to Jacob Aegerter, 98 acres on state Route 9; $600,000

Knox Township

You Found Home LLC to Justin Schuster and Bailey Truitt, home at 468 12th St.; $207,000


Castle 2020 LLC to DJM Rentals LLC, home on Columbia Street; $19,500


Bruce Jackson to Jenna Bates, home on East Lincoln Way; $30,000

Liverpool Township

Eddie and Bonnie English to Andrew English, home on Ruth Street; gift

James and Dawne Smith to Ashley Craig, home on Cheval Avenue; $137,000

Middleton Township

Melissa Klein to Beer Money LLC, 2.3 acres on Taylor Road; $10,000

Ronald Fisher Jr. to Judith Robb, home on Richardson Avenue; $5,000

New Waterford

Brent and Linda Weaver to Abigail Rupert, home on Silliman Street; $136,500

Perry Township

Salem Logistics to Fresh Mark Inc., 2.9 acres on South Lincoln Avenue; $1.4 million

Randy Witherspoon to Robert and Diana Herron, condominium on South Lincoln Avenue; $100,000

Nome and Kylie Baker to Megan Hall and Jeremiah Schindewc, home on Cider Mill Road; $202,000

Allegheny Wesleyan Methodist Church to Daniel Feezle, home on Ansley Way; $169,900

Trudi Foster to Brittany Mercer, home on Bethel Drive; $165,000

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Paul Cekovich, house trailer on Indiana Avenue; $27,500


Jeffrey McCartney to Amanda Fitzpatrick, home on Oak Street; $116,500

Christopher Bender, et al, to Emma Smith, home on North Howard Street; $87,500

Michael Lutsch Trust to Gary and Mary Hartzell, trustees, condominium on South Lincoln Avenue; $185,000

Joseph Rance to Steve and Vicki Stone, home on Deming Street; $85,000

Leslie Sole Clingerman, trustee, to Thomas Cramer, home on North Union Avenue; $107,800

Casey Strang to Adam Roberts, home on Merle Road; $120,000


Bruce Soukup to Courtney Norris, home on Church Street; $7,000

Joy Costlow to Peggy and Donald Smith Jr., home on Walnut Street; $27,000

St. Clair Township

TM Estates to Robert Cornette and Linda Allen, home at 16141 state Route 170: $114,000

Brian Miller to Whittni and Nicolas Adkins, home on Summit Drive; $132,000

Calcutta Development to Stephen and Kristin Mercer, 1.8 acres on Fieldstone Drive; $48,500

Rebecca Jordan to Jamie Steinmiller, home on Maple Drive; $159,000

Karen Vogt and Donald Mack to Karen Vogt, home on Valley Drive; $52,550

James Bowersock and Chris Britt to Mike and Kristine Hoppel, 12.6 acres on state Route 170; $5,000

NRZ REO VII LLC to Margaret Curtis, home at 16993 Cornell Ave.; $8,000

David McDonald to Jason Horner, vacant property on Susan Drive; $15,000

Terri Reynolds, et al, to Jedidiah and Nichole McIlvain, home and 5 acres on Edwin Drive; $200,000

John and Judy Norris to David Norris, manufacturing property at 14978 East Liverpool Road; $400,000

Unity Township

Holly Muransky, et al, to JBAW1 LLC, home and 1.1 acres on state Route 14; $30,000


David Sell to George Eli and Patricia Myers, home on Washington Street; $71,000

West Township

Kenneth Blevins to RDR Lippincott Land LLC, 29 acres on Sandy Creek Road; $180,000

John Moauro to Dennis and Jennifer Burns, 15 acres on Stump Road; $100,000

Yellow Creek Township

John and Linda McCaffrey, trustees, to Yellow Creek Township Board of Trustees, 1 acre on state Route 39; $9,000


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