Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Nathan Lude to Jacob and Maurisa Hupp, home on Whinnery Road; $132,000

Kevin and Patty Kober to Jeffrey and Gianna Olinger, home on Georgetown Road; $220,000


Linda Schloneger to Ross and Jodi Bussard, home on Seventh Street; $67,500

Titan Construction to Matt and Alyssa Morell, 0.5 acres on Hawkins Lane; $29,900

Sally Hill to Laura Bach, home on Bittersweet Drive; $157,000

Lakeview Loan Servicing to David and Bridget Spada, home at 33 Union St.; $50,000

Howard Herberksman, et al, to Kelly L Schneider, home on Stanton Avenue; $104,000

East Liverpool

Thomas Shaw to Robert and John Shaw, partial interest in 0.2 acres on Ray Street; gift

Windsor Properties to Brian D. Powell, home at 933 Bank St.; $14,000

Lisa R. Ramsey to Robert and Joyce Berdine, home on St. Clair Avenue; $70,000

Larry and Betty Davis to Mindy A. Reynolds, home on Davis Street; $21,000

James and Tracy Tennant to Destiny and Ronald Allen III, home on St. Clair Avenue; $60,000

East Palestine

U.S. Bank National Association to Kayla Hartman, home at 451 Alice St.; $47,000

Fairfield Township

Performance Trucks Realty to Rane and Bethanne Lottinville, business and 3.2 acres on state Route 7; $500,000

Hanover Township

Paul and Karla Gault, trustees, to Tim Anderson, home and 1 acres on Teegarden Road; $132,000


Jeffrey M. Ritterspach to Amanda S. Coy, home on Chestnut Street; $23,000

Middleton Township

Lake Tomahawk Property Owners Association to Brian and Austin Dunlap, vacant residential property on Tomahawk Drive; $1,200

New Waterford

PNC Bank to Daniel A. Watt, home at 47150 State St.; $57,000

Perry Township

Jeff and Gianna Olinger to Leonard Carreon and Laura Jones, home on Pine Lake Road; $182,000


Julie Troup to Melinda Clark, home on Liberty Street; $80,000

Grant S. Mingus to Autumn and Jeffrey Brownless, home on Whinnery Road; $113,000

Barbara Sobotka, et al, to Grant and Anne Mingus, home and 5 acres on Quaker Lane; $228,000

St. Clair Township

Eric and Courtney Cornell to Jonathan and Andrea Blackburn, home on Harvard Avenue; $116,500

Christopher and Renee Wade to John Smith, home on Spruce Court; $191,900

Unity Township

Vickie Fowler to R. Allen Hodge, 0.2 acres on Peace Valley Road; $2,500


Karl and Terri Sayre to Robert Mackall, home on Fourth Street; $22,000

West Township

LWR Inc. to Mahoning Valley Railway, railroad; $50,400


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