Property Transfers

Butler Township

Craig Weingart to Michael and Laura Grimstad, 12 acres on Shelton Road; $97,376

Craig Weingart to Starlon Howell, 2.7 acres on Shelton Road; $139,700

Center Township

Nancy Klaes Weber to Caleb Hood, home on Forest Street; $115,000


Ella M. Kimpel to Matthew and Rachelle Nance, home on Manor Drive; $194,000

Vincent and Deborah Bernard to Daniel Halas, home on Canterbury Court; $320,000

East Liverpool

Capener LLC to Family Lease LLC, home at 317 Thompson Ave.; $40,279

Jean Murray to Michael and Karen Ayers, home on Idaho Avenue; gift

Ricci Brown to Alexis Burkett, home on Monaca Street; gift

Thomas Baughman to Lawrence Messenger, home on Louise Street; $25,000

Aaron Stevens to Dorothy Mack, home on First Avenue; $20,000

East Palestine

Michael Powell to David Siedentopf, home on North Market Street; $30,000

Frank and Debara Satterfield to Gregory Mascher, home on West North Avenue; $69,000

Elkrun Township

Samuel and Fern Ronshak to Samuel Ronshak, home and 3 acres on Cream Ridge Road; $65,000

Fairfield Township

Brenda Morris to Donald Hollingshead, home and 3.2 acres on Lower Elkton Road; $46,750

Franklin Township

Ronald Brewer to U.S. Bank, house trailer and 1.3 acres on Smith Road; $60,000


William and Carrie Catlett to Kevin Kapalko, home on East Lincoln Avenue; $154,000

Madison Township

Glasgow Self-Storage to Eric Smith Properties, commercial structure on Glasgow Road; $155,000

Middleton Township

Helen Gorby, et al, to Heather Drane and Felicia Gorby, home and 1.5 acres on Darlington Road; $27,000

Perry Township

Ohio Woods Investing to Ray and Irina Buffington, home on Stewart Road; $146,000

Yvonne Jones to Canyon Paterson, home and 2 acres on Benton Road; $84,500


Nancy Bennett to Donald and Jennifer Williamson, home on Roosevelt Avenue; $129,900

James Tanner to Teldar Real Estate, commercial property (Dollar General) at 506 E. State St.; $125,000

Mark and Denise Stewart to Brianna Brown, home on West Fifth Street; $113,500

Sandra and Mark Geist to Christopher and Jami Maltonic, home on Cleveland Street; $95,000

Salem Township

James Morris, et al, to James Morris, home and 1.5 acres on state Route 164; $45,500

St. Clair Township

Harold and Cheryl Taylor to Emily Bosworth, partial interest in home on Homestead Drive; $42,000

Cheryl Tayor, et al, to Emily and Thomas Bosworth, partial interest in home on Homestead Drive; $42,000

Roberta Huston to David and Lorie McCoy, home and 2.2 acres on Pugh Road; $160,000

Unity Township

James Meeks to Darren and Elizabeth Miller, 10 acres on North Pleasant Drive; $30,000


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