Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Paula Bardo to Scott and Clittie Wagmiller, home on McCann Road; $93,000.

County Sheriff (John and Erika Meissner) to Bayview Loan Servicing, home and 2 acres on U.S. Route 62; $20,000.


Neilheisel Electric to Flynn Investments, 3.7 acres and commercial warehouse on County Line Road; $275,000.

East Liverpool

Bayview Loan Servicing to EXR LLC, home at 1053 Mapletree St.; $1,000.

Daniel and Jennifer Bennett to Thomas O’Rourke III, home on Price Street; $10,000.

Harbour Portfolio to NORCAP 1 LLC, home at 843 Spring Grove Ave.; $18,765.

David and Lisa Morgan to Patricia Reynolds, home on Montgomery Avenue; $82,000.

Helen and Kirk Zamborsky to Twyla McElhaney, home on Blakely Street; $10,500.

Tiffany Barr to JP Morgan Chase Bank, home on St. George Street; $20,000.

Fairfield Township

Anne Benner to Brianne Lanzendorfer, home on Metz Road; $155,000.

Michelle Tarka, trustee, to Lori Posey and Sara Dickey, home, farm buildings and property on state Route 558: $415,000.

Philip Weimer to Sara Delp, home on Nold Drive; $85,000.

Hanover Township

Roy Whinnery, et al, to Brandon and Erin Mango, 14.8 acres at Whinnery Road; $114,400.

Knox Township

Conny Farms to Mickol and Cheryl Tafe, home on Westville Lake Road; $50,000.

Lloyd Picknell to Brian Huff, home on Winona Road; $113,000.

Joann Rieck and Denise Irvine to Aaron Reynolds, home on Mahoning Avenue; $175,000.


Christopher and Timi Perry to Virginia Perry, home on Ridge Street; $36,500.


Donna Vollnogle to Strong Family Investment, home on East Washington Street; $24,000.

Deutsche Bank t to DWG Rentals, home at 127 W. Pine St.; $12,000.

Madison Township

Randy and Kriss Hissam to Idonna Marino, home on Y Camp Road; $131,000.

Bonnie Leonard, et al to Antoniette and Francis Cunning, home and 5.5 acres on Alderlick Road; $30,000.

New Waterford

David and Marianne Burgess to Seth and Kaitlyn Meek, home on West Main Street; $110,000.


Dan Helman to Terry Melott Jr., property on Depot Street; $250.

Perry Township

Karen Goodman to Thomas Goodman, et al, home on Elberon Avenue; $58,000.

Betty Schleimer to David and Margaret Fearn, home on Manor Drive; $166,205.


Sam and Pamela Biafore to Elia and Nancy Ortega, home on Kennedy Drive; $171,500.

Robert Hissom to Richard Rupp, home on East Third Street; $94,000.

Rose Adams, trustee, to Nathanial DiCross, home on Franklin Avenue; $25,000.

Marlene Davis to Kelly Jordan-Druktines, home on Arch Street; $70,000.

Carl Miller to Christopher Buchoski, home on North Ellsworth Avenue; $78,400.

Melvin and Lurena Kimble to Kimberly Strabala, home on North Union Avenue; $133,500.

Robert Mack Jr., trustee, to Kellie Dornan, home on Fairview Avenue; $32,500.

Salem Township

Don and Beverly Shepard to Donald and Christine Shepard, home on state Route 558; $75,000.


Lisa Hawk to Melissa Baker, home on West Main Street; $17,000.

St. Clair Township

Thomas and Paulette Gillette to Aaron and Toma Mann, manufactured home and 2.3 acres on Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road; $124,900.

George Aznavorian to William and Betsy Miller, condominium on Eagle Drive; $219,000.

Jamie Rohr and Kimberly Milhoan to Jason Rohr, home on Cannons Mill Road; $43,333.

Unity Township

Joshua and Sherri Cresanto to Ryan Cresanto, 8 acres on Peace Valley Road; $24,279.

Daniel and Lorraine Cresanto to Ryan Cresanto, 2.6 acres on $7,092.


William McNary to Sheila and Lester Moman, home on Main Street; $10,000.

MTGLQ Investors to Angela Miller, home at 720 Broadway; $6,800.

Martha Andrews to Ezekiel White, home on Lincoln Avenue; $67,500.

Yellow Creek Township

Craig Baker to Dale Baker, home on Hillcrest Road; $22,200.


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