A legacy of law enforcement

Tatgenhorst marks sophomore year as Liverpool Township patrolman

Working during a recent Saturday afternoon, Beau Tatgenhorst writes a traffic citation for a speeder along state Route 30 in Liverpool Township. (Photo by Stephanie Ujhelyi)

EAST LIVERPOOL –Beau Tatgenhorst admitted that 2020 was full of ups-and-downs in regards to his entering law enforcement. The Liverpool Township patrolman recently earned a full-time appointment with the police department, after surviving a pandemic protocol-ridden rookie year as a part-time officer.

He had been serving as the department’s school resource officer for LaCroft Elementary School, after in-person classes resumed for East Liverpool schools. City police handled the schools located in city limits.

The new assignment definitely meant some changes for Tatgenhorst.

“Yeah, I’m not a school resource officer anymore at LaCroft. I miss it, because I liked developing a bond with the kids,” he explained. “At first, they were scared of you, but then they figure out you are a normal person with a badge. I think that is kind of cool.”

Throughout his eight-hour shift during a recent ridealong, there were pop-up reunions with his young charges, who were thrilled to see him about while they were enjoying the nice weather. A few even offered a few tips about annoying people in their neighborhood along with the hellos and chit-chat.

Since Tatgenhorst was reassigned to the street, two part-time officers from a neighboring department were brought on board to handle the school duties. However, Tatgenhorst still gets excited at the prospect of seeing his favorite little people when he gets the opportunity to fill in.

It isn’t hard to see why Tatgenhorst hit it off with the youngsters, although the facial hair does a somewhat effective job of disguising his youth. Tatgenhorst himself just graduated from East Liverpool Christian School along with other classmates in 2014, after attending the city schools.

His city roots run deep. He worked briefly as a dispatcher for East Liverpool, where his father Chad is a police captain and former canine handler, while attending the police academy. He recognizes St. Clair Township’s Sgt. Glenn Kendall as his favorite instructor at Eastern Gateway Community College.

Although satisfied with his current situation, he admits that he would like to serve as a K9 handler, like dear old dad, or working on the Drug Task Force. After all, he grew up watching that up close. Tatgenhorst said that he never had any other career plans.

Looking back when pondering his future from within his cruiser, he said, “I couldn’t imagine doing anything else (but law enforcement) after 30 to 40 years.”

In his spare time, he already has gotten a start on a menagerie. Tatgenhorst and his girlfriend Julia have four cats.


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