Peter Wesley Wooley, 82

Peter Wesley Wooley

Peter Wesley Wooley, 82, husband, father, human being, shepherd and formerly a Viking, left for eternal location on Nov. 15, 2017.

When Peter was born, the world was in black and white. He came forth from a small town on the Ohio River determined to be the next Frank Lloyd Wright. After studying architecture at Kent State, he moved west to seek his fortune. Rather quickly he discovered he was not “doing” enough, not “designing” enough. That’s when the trouble started.

He got involved with movie people. Before he knew it, he had thrown away his childish dreams and was searching the back alleys of Hollywood to find a way into show business. A dirty, steel-clad door with a barely readable sign, “Warner Bros.” screeched open, and a filthy arm reached out and yanked him from that alley and into the arms of show business.

Peter spent most of his professional life getting paid to do something he would have done for free. He designed movies. Mel Brooks once said about him, “Working with Peter on Blazing Saddles was one of the best parts of my life.” He was nominated for an Emmy Award for “The Day After” and inducted into the Upper Ohio Valley Hall of Fame in June of 2016. He is also the author of two books.

Peter is survived by his wife, Linda Lane Wooley, daughter Stephanie Wilson (John), son Christopher Wooley (Carmel) and grandchildren Elizabeth Angelini, Kati Olexiewicz (Michael), Anthony Angelini, and Tucker Lane Wooley, and sister Marvann Plumley (Richard). He is also survived by his many loving nieces, nephews and cousins.

He was predeceased by his mother, June Heddleston Wooley. His final breath was followed by a soft applause from his family on a life well lived.

“As I look back on all of this, it comes to me that this story is really what Hollywood is all about. Or at least what it’s supposed to be about,” said Peter once.

If anyone asks, Peter would prefer you tell them, “While eating a piece of cherry pie in the auto-mat, the little door fell on him and broke his neck”.

A memorial will be held Jan. 21, 2018 in California.