Our New Year message: Don’t Drink and Drive!


The message is one we feel obliged to repeat this time each year. There are some people across our country, across our state and across our own area who will awaken today with a brand new year in the offing helped along with a drink or more. There will be so much promise and anticipation for ...

Thanks and Spanks


THANKS, writes a reader, to Patrolman Garcia, a Wellsville Police Officer, who took the time on a cold, wet night to help an elderly woman, who can hardly walk, lock up her two vehicles. He was very kind, courteous and did it without hesitation. All the Wellsville Police Officers are well ...

Wishing a wonderful Christmas to all of our wonderful readers!


Merry Christmas to kids everywhere who last night tightly squeezed their eyes and strained to hear reindeer footsteps on the rooftop. They finally fell asleep in a bed full of warmth and full of dreams. And Merry Christmas to all of us who wish we could still believe in a Santa Claus. Merry ...

Are you ready for Christmas?


A common question around this time of year is, “Are you ready for Christmas?” It can be interpreted in a couple of ways. Sometimes, the query is whether we have all the gifts purchased, decorations both inside and out finished, Christmas dinner food bought and perhaps prepared in advance, ...

If needed, use suits with vaping approach


For decades, tobacco companies insisted their product was not hazardous to health. When scientific proof countered that, they maintained their advertising strategies were not calculated to get as many new smokers hooked on nicotine as possible. We know now that all of those protestations ...