Mario Hernandez to take EL school board seat in 2020

Scout leader, community member, parent and volunteer.

On January 1, Mario Hernandez will add a new title to his resume of accomplishments: school board member.

Earlier this month, Hernandez enjoyed a double victory, not only defeating longtime East Liverpool school board member Richard Wolf for his seat in his initial run for office but also garnering a virtual thumbs up for the district’s emergency operational levy effort, which was being overseen by his wife Megan with a huge assist by him.

While he admits to being appreciative that voters showed their trust to give him the seat, he admits that he considered the levy’s passage by more than 60 percent as being more important.

“Every student in our district should have the opportunity to receive a quality education,” Hernandez noted, adding that the levy’s passage was a crucial part of that. “I want to see East Liverpool continuing to raise the bar of excellence and moving upwards.”

Born in Illinois, Hernandez has a vast experience of sales and marketing experience from companies like Coca Cola and Verizon and most recently Tri-State Ford.

He believes that he can take that experience and assist the district with increasing scores via their reading initiative as well as promoting what the district is doing well – especially at the elementary level. “We want to bring attention to what the district can offer potential students,” Hernandez said. “I believe that a cookie cutter approach is not appropriate to education.”

When he and wife Megan moved to East Liverpool from St. Charles, Illinois three years ago, he said the vast options for non-academic inclined students impressed him. “(The district’s) skilled trade (offerings) will entice younger families,” he said, adding that the family, which includes three children, found the Pottery City much different than their “hustle and bustle” previous home. “There is a good sense of community here.”

For that reason, East Liverpool was good fit for the Hernandez family. He not only coordinated a back-to-school supply drive for city students, he also is involved with youth soccer; scouts; North Elementary School, where the couple started a STEM club; and Northside Community Church.

When asked what he believes may be his biggest asset, Hernandez explained, “I’m not afraid to ask questions and think outside the box. I think it is important for us to learn how we are changing the cultures within school districts for the better.” He also stressed the importance of being inclusive and the words that he continues to carry from his father: “You cannot complain if you are not helping.”

He concluded by thanking voters for their trust, his wife for her unconditional support and Wolf for his decades of service to the district.


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