AEP to close facility in Glenmoor

GLENMOOR-Workers at the AEP station in Glenmoor received news they would no longer be working out of the Annsely Road facility Tuesday morning. Instead workers will be reporting to a Stuebenville station for work.

AEP representative Vikki Michalski confirmed the move saying that the Glenmoor station would be ‘merging’ with the Stuebenville service center.

Michalski said the move was “an effort to improve work efficiency” adding that AEP is always looking for ways to improve efficiency.

Although AEP will be closing and selling the building in Glenmoor, Michalski maintained that customer service would not be effected adding that response time to customer calls would remain the same. Michalski also stated that no jobs will be lost because of the move, meaning all 14 employees at the Glenmoor station will retain their employment and make the move to Stuebenville. “No jobs will be lost,” said Michalski.

Michalski explained that because the Glenmoor station is such a small service center “approximately 80% of the service calls where we need a line crew in the East Liverpool area are answered through Stuebenville.” AEP plans on having all employees at the Glenmoor facility moved to the Stuebenville service center by March of this year.

Workers leaving the facility Tuesday seemed less than thrilled about the decision to close the Glenmoor station and having to commute to Stuebenville.

One AEP employee said he will car pool with other employees to save gas.