Thanks & Spanks

THANKS, writes a reader, to those responsible for the appearance of the building and grounds of the Westgate school complex. It looks great for the community. Nice job!

THANKS, writes a reader, to the young man at Calcutta Giant Eagle who was bringing in the shopping carts and found my phone. How relieved and grateful I felt when I called the store and was told it had been turned in. Not only do I love having such a nice store in which to shop, but I truly appreciate this particular employee’s honesty and character.

SPANKS, writes a reader, to a political candidate who still has a billboard up more than three months after the election. I was lead to believe campaign signs had to be removed soon after the election was held.

THANKS, writes a reader, to the Newell Volunteer Fire Department for patrolling Newell during our recent electric outage. It was nice to have their spotlight in our darkness. You guys are great.


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