Thanks & Spanks

THANKS, writes a reader, to the East Liverpool street department for patching potholes on Shadyside Avenue. It’s much better now.

THANKS, writes a reader, to those who helped the weekend of July 6 for the barbecue and Jazz festival in downtown East Liverpool. It was very nice to see so many people downtown. Keep it up.

THANKS, writes a reader, to the person who turned my case of water into the clerk at Walmart on Sunday. I had left it on the bottom of my cart while putting my purchases into my trunk and did not realize it until I unpacked at home. I returned with little hope of finding it, thinking I would have to buy another. However, when I asked the nice gentleman who was the greeter in the garden shop doorway he told me someone had turned it in and he had it with him. Thank you so much for reinforcing the fact that there are good and honest people out there to be found, contrary to the news. Thanks again and I will do my best to pay it forward.

THANKS, writes a reader, to Hoge’s Restaurant for the great job they did on the 1953 class reunion. The owners, waitresses, busboy, and cooks were wonderful and a great time was had by all.

THANKS, writes a reader, to Andrews Motel for staying on top of contacting the highway department of the problem on state Route 2, which causes hydroplaning thus endangering lives for years. It will be safer going back and forth to work on the Narrows now.

SPANKS, writes a reader, to the owner of the house on the corner of Ravine Street that burnt several months ago. I’m sorry for your loss, but it’s time to clean up the mess.

SPANKS, writes a reader, to the mayor and city council for the new ordinance of no smoking on the Diamond in East Liverpool. Where are the people offended by the smokers? The Diamond is now empty. Smokers have no rights.

THANKS, writes a reader, to those who donated at the recent East Liverpool Lions Club tag day. Proceeds will be used for community and sight-saving projects.

SPANKS, writes a reader, to Buckeye Water District for not keeping the area around fire hydrants in the county, West Point and Salineville clear of weeds.

THANKS, writes a reader, to the man who paid for my items at Smith Oil on St. Clair Avenue when the debit card machine was malfunctioning.


SPANKS, writes a reader, to officials who told the public the deal with Blue Line Solutions LLC is about safety. With the company pulling out of Wellsville, it’s obviously about money. Who will Blue Line leave next?

SPANKS, writes a reader, to the city of East Liverpool for not paving or fixing the quarter-mile bottom of Shadyside Avenue, which is in the city limits. It’s been ignored for years. The road looks like a war zone hit it. You can’t miss a pothole even if you try.

THANKS, writes a reader, to the young man, a junior at Oak Glen High School, and a man on the motorcycle, who helped my wife and I push our truck to Chaney’s gas station. THANKS, too, to the young lady and man who helped us push the truck into the pump. The gas gauge was off and we ran out of gas. THANKS for your help.

THANKS, writes a reader, to the young man who took the time at an East End gas station to help a lady with a flat tire. He wouldn’t take any money, but certainly received God’s blessing for his kindness and time to help someone else.


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