Thanks & Spanks editorial page

THANKS, writes a reader, to the young man who paid for my $25 in gas at Smith’s on St. Clair Avenue. God bless you.

THANKS, writes a reader, to the incredible military woman in the fatigues who picked up all the dinner tabs at the Pizza Hut on Wednesday night – for total strangers. You humble me with your spirit as we are the ones who should be picking up your tab.

SPANKS, writes a reader, to neighbors along Maple, Foulks and Highland drives who do not confine their cats. We keep our dogs confined, so do the same with your pets.

THANKS, writes a reader, to Crestview Auto Body and the owners of the property nearby for providing a nice, safe location for local families to watch the Memorial Day fireworks. Every year the tall grass is cut in preparation for the event, so that families are able to park and enjoy the fireworks safely. THANKS, too, to the police officers of St. Clair and Liverpool townships who do an excellent job making sure traffic leaving the event flows safely.

SPANKS, writes a reader, to area cemeteries that do not having running water available for those needing to water flowers. SPANKS, too, to those who remove/steal flowers from gravesites. And a third SPANKS to the area cemetery that did not replace broken flag holders.

The Vietnam Veterans of America send a THANKS to Boy Scout Troops 41 and 12, Cub Scout Pack 43, and all Walmart employees, plus the friends, who gave of their time to place flags on the graves of veterans at Riverview Cemetery.

THANKS, writes a reader, to the ELHS Class of 2016 for standing up. More of us should do it.

THANKS, writes a reader, to the ELHS Class of 2016, and participating faculty and staff, for saying the Lord’s Prayer during the ceremony.

SPANKS, writes a reader, to ODOT for the confusing roadway markings as motorists exit Route 11 toward Calcutta (Walmart exit). The traffic sign tells a different story than the newly-painted arrows on the roadway. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

THANKS, writes a reader, to the local businesses that donated items to the East Liverpool High School Track Club for its Quarter Auction in May. Because of the generosity, the event was a huge success.