Individuals help us to focus on the positives

To the editor:

During our holiday season I have for years enjoyed the articles you publish by the late Bob Popp. They are genuinely moving and heartfelt. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Popp years ago when living in Midland as he knew my father and I found he was originally from the Midland area and his writings seemed to be somewhat fact-based, family-oriented and positive.

Your newspaper now publishes articles on a weekly basis by my friend Fred Miller that are very entertaining, always interesting, humor filled and usually fact-based on Fred and/or his family’s experiences, passed and current. Fred also is a local product and has a wealth of background and historical knowledge that he uses to fuel his articles.

My wife and I look forward to reading them every week and then I give them to a woman from Canfield who enjoys them as well. Fred’s articles are a welcome distraction to the mostly glum global status brought on by the pandemic and our sad political issues of “us vs them!”

Certainly not to be forgotten is the always affable, engaging and uplifting orator Frank (Digger) Dawson who I have known for decades. Frank is the model of how we all should represent our hometowns, regions, states and country. Frank is comfortable in any setting and always caring.

These three people are shining examples of how all of us should pattern our philosophy’s and lives. We need to focus more on the positives because the negatives will always be there.

Paul Anthony,



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