Where are our political leaders?

To the editor:

I have seen tremendous support and love shown to the nurses of East Liverpool City Hospital from the community. But their support has made blatantly clear the absence of one very influential group.

Where are all our political leaders?

Their silence is loud and clear. They are choosing to be silent on supporting our essential workers, who work for a healthier community at the risk of their own health, during a pandemic.

East Liverpool City Hospital is also one of the county’s largest employers. Our elected officials tout working with businesses, doing what’s best for families, etc. But they don’t have an opinion on this?

Although lots of focus was put on the 2020 election, the 2021 election is arguable more important to seeing change in our community. It is a year many council races in our area will be voted on.

Please remember who was silent. But more importantly, who didn’t think fair wages and safety were worth the fight. Remember who sided with the California-based hospital system rather than the people of Columbiana County.

Daniel Edward Winston,



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