Welcoming the New Baby

To the editor:

A new baby is always a welcome joy to the family — the innocence, the helplessness and the noise — are memories parents hold in their hearts forever.

Can you imagine being Mary and Joseph? All they wanted to do was to be married and have a life together. But God, the almighty Father, had other plans for them. Mary, a virgin (a word lost in today’s society) and Joseph, a righteous man (another lost word) were told that they would be the parents of HIS only Son and they would call him Jesus. He will be the Saviour, the Messiah, the ONE who will die for the salvation of all the people of the world. That includes you and me!

The innocent Baby Jesus will do all this for us! God loved us so much that he sent His only Son to save us! Do you know how He did it? He was betrayed. Mocked, tortured, and then crucified on a cross ! He did it willingly! He did not question! He did not refuse! He did not whine! All that He asked of us was to obey his Father’s laws which are the Ten Commandments.

Jesus Christ is the reason for the season! Please do not get caught up in the commercial trap. Gifts are good. But only in moderation. The greatest gift that parents can give to their child is to teach them about Jesus and instill in them the love for God and His on, Jesus. Show them by your example that Christmas is not about what you receive but what you give. Show them that they are as precious to you as the Baby Jesus was to Mary and Joseph.

Next month socialist officials will take over our government. Our way of life will change because these people are determined to destroy this country and all that it stands for. Our Constitution will no longer protect us. We will need God and His Son Jesus to give us the strength to know that They will be with us no matter what comes our way. You have to believe this. Christmas is a time of renewal of faith, You have to let God and Jesus know that you believe. Give thanks to God for the great gift that He gave to you — His Son, Jesus Christ — our savior and redeemer. Rejoice and be glad!

Happy birthday, Jesus Christ. Blessed is the name of the Lord. We praise you!




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