Our elections require informed voters

To the editor:

Friends and neighbors and all those concerned about the outcome of the Nov. 3 election: The news media has been pointing out that “Sleepy Joe Biden” has six million more votes than Donald Trump. Trump claims this result was brought about because of massive voter fraud.

Let us look at the facts and put all political caterwauling aside, which only serves to confuse.

First of all, the popular vote is dwelt upon like a mother hen waiting for her chicks to hatch. Monitors dutifully report the number of votes registered in each state as the polls close. They use their ultra-sophisticated routines developed through professional procedures and established with the aid of a professional poling company to project the winner of each state. Oh, what pride they take when they “correctly” project the state “winner” before the news services. Do you know of any others who strut about, patting themselves on the back and crowing stridently that they called the state first?

Nonsense, I say. Stop the puffing of chests, the toasting of champagne, displaying the fancy red versus blue colored state maps and the spinning numbers which purport to be a count-up to the prize of the “presidency.” Reach 270 projected electoral votes and the media “crowns” the president elect.

Now the facts. None of us votes directly for the presidency. Shocked? There is no provision in the constitution which calls for a popular vote. Get out your copy of the Constitution and check it out. Satisfied?

The president is selected by a vote of the electors who are appointed by the state legislatures. The popularity contest in which you’ve participated really is just that. Sadly, this system has degenerated into the pouring of funds by multi-billionaires who remain in the background, totally hidden from your eyes. Silicon Valley, anyone?

Our elections have become a big money game, controlled by these unseen billionaires. Do they care about the United States and its people? Does a lion chase a gazelle to wish it “Happy Birthday”? These scum bags would see the destruction of the USA, putting in their millions, hoping to gain control of enough office holders willing to back their billionaire bloopers.

The “Green New Deal,” confiscating our guns, allowing all and sundry to cross our borders without penalty, making states of D.C. and Puerto Rico are just a few of their objectives. In order to stop them we need citizens involved in the process to put an end to these travesties. Don’t wait until election day to decide how to vote. Study a political party’s views and discuss important issues with your neighbors.

We live in the greatest country ever seen on this planet. Others sacrificed their fortunes and gave their lives so you can have these blessings. What will it take to keep the gifts they have given you?

Allegations of voter fraud must be scrupulously investigated. Elections must be free of manipulation, or free men will no longer be free.




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