We need to change our hearts

To the editor:

How can we as human beings be so conceited that each time something happens we always try and blame someone else rather than look inwards? We as a species are beyond judgmental in how we go through our lives.

These people aren’t beautiful because they aren’t skinny. Or these people are beneath me because they have a different skin tone or faith. Whether we choose to be a part of the solution or the problem is totally up to us. But we have become a people that are numb to the truth because if we actually wanted to do something about it we would have to change ourselves and that is difficult for anyone and everyone to conceive.

A wise man I know once said, “Be the change that you want to see.” Violence, and bloodshed have corrupted what was once beautiful and now we are reaping the fruit from what was sown.

The truth of the matter is, this world needs no outside help to end itself. The poison that has grasped onto so many is doing the job itself. If there is an antidote to this it comes not from a vial but within the very being of mankind. Some say you can not change nature when in reality change is nature. It is time we stop making excuses and grow into the species that finally takes care of its own –which means everyone!




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