Questions for local Democrats

To the editor:

I ask local Democrats do you want to “re-imagine” our police force, our courts and system of government? Do you want to “defund” our sheriff’s department?

The Democrat Party that you belong to wants to “re-imagine” and “de-fund” the police.

Mr. Gamble you want to be our prosecutor, so do you want prisoners released from jails like your fellow Democrats are doing across our country. Do you want anarchists and arsonists that are assaulting police and rioting across our country bailed out with money paid from Kamlala Harris’s donations to the Minnesota Freedom Fund? She’s your party’s choice for vice president so I am left to believe you support her and are

voting for her.

Do you Democrats, Dyce, Bolon, Gamble, Puchajda and Datillio think that all the riots, burning down of business, court houses and police precincts and assaults on law abiding citizens are peaceful protests like your Democrat party say they are? Why should we vote for any Democrat, county or state and let you destroy us like Portland, San Francisco and Seattle’s radical Democrats are destroying them.

Voters don’t think it can’t happen to us. The Chinese Communist Party Virus has now taught us who we vote for locally can leave us without liberty, locked down and wearing a China Mask indefinitely. Democrats it’s China’s fault not President Trump’s. We voters are to believe you don’t believe what your radical party stands for, but yet you are still a member of that party.

Do you Democrats believe like your party does that when I say all lives matter that it’s my white privilege talking and that I am a racist when I am not.

The Democrat Party is tearing down our country from the inside and we can no longer stand for their radical agenda on local, county, state or national levels. I have seen a lot Democrat Gamble campaign signs placed next to Trump signs. What an insult to our great president. Your radical, progressive members, Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff are again talking of impeachment because President Trump is fulfilling his constitutional duty and appointing a justice. People don’t be fooled by the red Gamble signs next to Trump’s he is a Democrat riding on President Trump’s shirt tail, how despicable and he says he hates Trump. Gamble is a Democrat using our President and Democrats have had control of the prosecutor’s office for 42 years. It’s time for change. There are bitter Republicans acting like Hillary Clinton that will not accept the results of a past election.

Gamble’s so-called experience is just the good old boy’s network that includes former judges. Let’s drain the swamp! If you don’t want your prosecutor sitting in a bar divulging private details of your case then, VOTE VITO!! That’s not the kind of experience my family wants in the prosecutor’s office. If local Democrats respond to this by saying I am just a local guy, our response should be: then why are you a member of such a radical party and why should we vote for you?




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