Medicare for all is unsustainable

To the editor:

As a medical professional who serves patients each day, I know the importance of access to quality care at an affordable cost. As the debate about health care continues, some are proposing new health insurance systems that would be run by Washington politicians. This is a risky approach and I believe our leaders should instead be improving our current system–not creating new one-size-fits-all systems from scratch.

Researchers warn that new government-controlled health insurance systems like Medicare for All or the public option would lead to unsustainable revenue losses for hospitals and other health care providers. One study projects that under the public option, rural hospitals in particular will lose an additional $6 billion in revenue on top of the billions in losses that are already anticipated. As my neighbors in rural areas know, we cannot afford for our hospitals to fall on hard times and limit the care they provide or, worse, close their doors. It would force patients to travel long distances just to reach their doctors.

Under these proposals, the increased pressure on providers may force patients to wait longer to see their doctors and could decrease the quality of care that is available. These are not risks we should take, especially during a continuing pandemic.

In debating health care, elected officials should not overlook rural communities in Ohio and elsewhere. Instead of starting over with a new government system that could cut many off from quality care, I urge them to improve our current health care system.

Paige Beers,



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