Keep Yellow Creek Township moving forward

To the editor:

Yellow Creek Township Board of Trustees along with the fiscal officer are supporting the renewal of the upcoming five-year road equipment/maintenance levy.

We are encouraging all voters of the township to do the same. Please keep in mind this is not a new levy. It is a renewal. It will not raise your taxes.

The township has approximately 38 miles of road. In the past three years we have improved 29 roads which equals out to approximately 15 miles. The improvements were pavement, chip and seal, and reclaimed roads.

With your support we can keep moving forward in 2021. Remember this is your township. Thank you.

All elected officials of Yellow Creek Township:

Kenneth D. Biacco, Jr., Chairman/Trustee,

Mark Allison, Trustee,

Noah Allison, Trustee,

Debbie Lyle, Fiscal Officer


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