Former judge supports Gamble

Dear Editor:

I am supporting Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorney John Gamble for the top job of Prosecutor in the coming election. John has 30 years of service in that office with the last 20 in his current position.

I personally witnessed John successfully prosecute many cases including the most serious criminal offenses. He is an expert in finding his way around a courtroom.

In contrast, his opponent does not even practice criminal law and has run a very negative campaign. Unfortunately, your papers have once again participated in giving widespread publicity to obvious political stunts. In my opinion, those stunts are meant to distract from Vito’s total lack of Ohio criminal law experience.

I noted Vito’s open letter in Monday’s paper. He continues to claim experience as a federal prosecutor but provides no details. Which offices, where, and when? How many jury trials did he try and what were the charges? Is he a real prosecutor or just a resume? But most importantly, we are not electing a federal prosecutor but someone experienced in Ohio criminal law. He is not.

It also strikes me that the members of the Greatest Generation, as named in the book by Tom Brokaw, never regarded their service to our country as a free pass to elective office. I guess those times are long gone, at least in Vito’s case.

GOP Chairman David Johnson does not need another puppet; he already has plenty of those. But, the citizens of Columbiana County need an experienced prosecutor.

Please join me in voting for that experienced prosecutor, John Gamble. The office of the prosecuting attorney is no place for on the job training.

C. Ashley Pike

Former Common Pleas Judge

Butler Township


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