Former Election Board member expresses views

To the editor:

Much is being made in the race for county prosecutor of John Gamble’s so- called “experience”.

Well let’s examine his “experience” as it relates to recent headline news reports.

John Gamble has been fined by a visiting judge for “willful contempt” and was threatened with jail time, not ten years ago, but a few months ago. Good “experience”?

John Gamble has had to have another visiting judge assigned to a case filed against him by the Attorney General of Ohio for violating the Hatch Act, knowingly soliciting civil service police officers to violate state law. This case is pending. More “good experience”?

Then there’s the complaint filed by a grieving family against John Gamble with the Ohio Bar’s Board of Professional Conduct for breaching the confidentiality of an ongoing coroner’s investigation. This occurred at a bar on a weekday, at 2:30 in the afternoon where Gamble revealed sensitive details of an autopsy report which the affected family had not yet known about. Even more wonderful “experience”?

There are now reports that the county prosecutor’s office itself has accessed confidential grand juror files in order to promote John Gamble’s “great experience”. Charges are pending with the state auditor’s fraud investigations unit because Ohio holds these records as “private and confidential”. Is this the “experience” we want?

Of course, as a former elections board member, I filed a complaint against John Gamble over a whole host of irregularities concerning his nominating papers with the board.

A six-hour elections board hearing, at which a key Democrat witness refused to appear, revealed that John Gamble’s filing papers had not been properly time stamped, had not been properly notarized, and had not been properly filed in accordance with long standing elections board protocols. His certification by the board was an act of pure charity, in my opinion.

All of this is the so called “great experience” that John Gamble would bring to the prosecutor’s office. Are you kidding, Columbiana County?

Meanwhile we have a backlog of unsolved and unprosecuted murders that is among the worst in the state, mostly on John Gamble’s 30-year watch at the prosecutor’s office.

A recent headline news story reported John Gamble’s “regret” that he let the most notorious drug pusher in county history go free after being caught red handed smuggling drugs into the county jail.

So, don’t give me this line of baloney that John Gamble has such “great experience” that we cannot live without him. He would be an unmitigated disaster for law and order in this county.

His opponent, Vito Abruzzino, on the other hand, would bring twenty years of impeccable legal qualifications and trial experience to an office that badly needs reform.

A former federal prosecutor, former U S Justice Department attorney, and a civil litigator with two of the largest law firms in this region, Vito would have more qualifications, more trial experience going into the office than any other prosecutor candidate in fifty years.

Don’t buy the well-orchestrated line of a few letter writers with an agenda. It’s time we move on and see if new, honest leadership at the Courthouse can restore law and order to this county.

Jim Beardsley,


Former elections board member


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