A message from Dem Party Chairman

In the past few weeks, the county prosecutor’s race has seen the introduction of stories that focus on everything except what the county prosecutor does.  I can understand that because the last thing anyone running against John Gamble would want is for this election to come down to qualifications. 

For 30 years John Gamble has represented the people of Columbiana County by putting the most dangerous criminals in this county in JAIL.  Why haven’t we heard about his opponent’s cases?  His opponent has not listed one case he has tried and won.  For 30 years when this county had a tough case and the safety of our citizens depended on a conviction one man has been the top prosecutor to get that conviction, John Gamble.  The reason our friends in the other party have spent so much time talking about our great candidate is they simply do not have anything to say about their own candidate, a good man but without ANY legal track record in the county.  When their party tried to push him to success last year they resorted to the same dirty negative campaign and viciously attacked Judge Katelyn Dickey.  The people of this county were not buying it then, and they are not buying it now. 

Don’t let the political theater and cheap cartoons distract you. The question shouldn’t be when or where a picture was taken, the question should be, “Why do dozens of police officers from all parts of this county want to take their free time to stand up for John Gamble?” That answer is because they know that no one is better qualified to work with them to keep our communities safe than John Gamble. John has spent a career supporting our police officers and that photo was a clear and honest representation of how they back him.  Our police officers spend every day trying to make this county safe and it has been John Gamble in the trenches with them time and time again.  They know that there has never been a more important time for the County Prosecutor to be great at their job. They know a dedicated public servant, born and raised in this county, who has worked long days preparing for trials, consoling victims and making Columbiana County better is exactly the person we need at this point.

At the end of the day this race is not about Facebook pictures or made up parts of an old story. This race is not about trying to connect national news to a Columbiana County race or bizarre mailers paid for by out of county money. This race comes down to you, the citizen of Columbiana County.  Who do you want to hire as your attorney? Someone learning on the job or a man who has a conviction rate that any prosecutor in the State of Ohio would envy and has for 30 years represented you every day.  At some point in the next four years the Columbiana County Prosecutor will stand up in the courtroom on a tough case, with a dangerous criminal at the defense table, a grieving victim praying for justice with their family just hoping for answers. When that moment happens, I pray we have the single most qualified individual we could pick, the toughest prosecutor we have, and the man law enforcement officers in this county can be proud to be a partner with. This County should not settle, they should absolutely demand the best and that is unquestionably John Gamble.

Charley Kidder

Chairman, Columbiana County

Democratic Party


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