Mother of 9-11 victim expresses gratitude

To the editor:

I want to express my appreciation to both the Evening Review and the Morning Journal for the stories on 9-11-01. I felt that you covered it with journalistic professionalism. Mayor Nancy Murry and Police Chief Wilson did an excellent presentation of the wreath. I was also pleased to see Barry Podwell — a classmate of Cathy’s.

Later I watched the ceremony at Shanksville, Pa. Even with the COVID-19 restriction the ceremony was outstanding. The speakers reminded us of the heroic people on that plane. They brought home to me the fact that those people had time to try to make a difference. They knew they would die but they were stubborn to try to make sure that plane did not reach the Capitol building. They died as heroes, yes, but they also died as martyrs. They believed that if they did not do something more people on the ground would die. Their love for this country — for the people, for our very way of life, their love of God — gave them the strength to overcome their fears.

The people in the Pentagon and the Twin Towers did not have that chance or choice. They were brutally murdered. But they are also martyrs because they died for our country. I felt very comforted by Donald Trump’s speech. He recognized those same traits and was able to assure the families that the people of the United States will always fight back against those groups who want to destroy us. What is often forgotten is that the men and women who put on any uniform and swear the oath to protect this country from enemies both foreign and domestic run the risk every day of being killed.

There is an evil element is this country that most people either recognize but don’t know what to do about it or recognizes it and doesn’t care. The forefathers of this country made a covenant with God. We would obey his commandments and laws and He would protect us. No one wants to hear this, let alone see it in print, but Satan is roaming the world and he is working his powers to influence the people.

The people of the United States must return to the values laid out in our Constitution. I’m not saying it will be easy. What I’m saying is that you yourself — no one else can do it for you — must reclaim your rights. You must be the one who teaches your children. You must be the one to instill the values of our Constitution. You must remind them of the history of this country. Who and what made it the great country that everyone wants to live in. You, as a parent, have that obligation to your child. You cannot allow the government to do your job! You must be ever vigil.

History is important. It tells us where we came from and leads us into learning from it. And instills in us the desire to do better. Because we can!

9-11-2020 is now history. Do we just remember it for the one day or do we honor those who died for us to keep this country free and strive to do the same? Oh, and one last thing: God, I do not have the millions of dollars backing that Satan has. But Lord, I do hope that you approve this message.







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