Lack of compassion is a real sickness in our nation

To the editor:

Life is strange no matter who you talk to on any given day. Yet over the course of the months this Covid pandemic has cursed us, it seems as though it has brought forth more of mankind’s fickle nature.

So many people speak about loving one another in the darkest of times yet when times such as these come up more hearts seem to close. Maskers versus anti-maskers is all that seems to come up in news, along with many other stories of hatred and malice. Sometimes it seems as though people’s behavior is more of a virus.

Every time we have come together as a nation it seems it is because of some tragedy or disaster. Yet the tragedy we are facing today is further distancing us from our own humanity. The real sickness we are suffering from in this time is lack of compassion and tragically that is not the only symptom. Every day that goes by we hear more of Us versus Them rather than all of us together.

If we as human beings are going to survive the days ahead, the word “United” in this nation’s title must become our backbone once again rather than an afterthought.

Bubba Watkins,



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