Army veteran: War now is against COVID-19

To the editor:

I am a very old Army veteran who didn’t say I had a foot bone spur — as Trump did — to not to serve his country. I am sure all of our brave servicemen who have fought in many wars to defend our country would all say I’d gladly wear a mask and do safe-distancing.

We are in war now against COVID-19. The only weapons we have now are masks and safe-distancing. Do this together and we could save many lives.

To me, people who don’t do this are saboteurs and egotists. Only they feel they are the only one important in their little world.

When you see a person without a mask out among people, you see a person who puts other people’s lives at risk to get the virus. With many thousands who will die in the coming days.

Only if we all can come together as one to defeat COVID-19. Mask and distancing are all we have against it. If not, only God can help with the grief at many people’s funerals.




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