To area residents: Help out delivery drivers

To the editor:

Once again, I am addressing this important message to all those living in the East Liverpool area and surrounding areas. Folks, for your own safety and the sanity of all delivery drivers everywhere, please put your house number, clearly visible, on the front of your house! If you have a long driveway from the road to your home, put it at the end of the driveway.

In this current day, when much is delivered to your door, your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated by food service, UPS, FedEx, Amazon and florists. Not to mention the most important, safety service first responders who need to find you quickly.

Valuable time may be lost while your home is searched for. Your mailbox number is helpful but it cannot always be determined which house goes with which box. Be safe and help those trying to help you. Put your house number on your home. You may be grateful that you did. I know we will.


Owner, Riverview Florists, East Liverpool


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