In response to a Trump supporter

To the editor:

I’m responding to the letter to the editor published May 22 from a reader stating her support for Trump. I see him much differently than she does.

In her letter she states that she is thankful he wants our country and our economy to prosper. Right now it certainly isn’t. Most of the people prospering are wealthy and the ones who got the biggest tax cut. He hasn’t done much for the working class.

She is thankful for how Trump handled the COVID virus. I’m certainly NOT thankful or happy how he handled the COVID crisis. If he had taken it seriously, when it was first reported, our country could have taken action and been better prepared to fight this virus and lives would be saved. Instead he called it a “hoax.” He said the outbreak would be temporary and “It’s going to disappear.” It hasn’t disappeared! It is n ow a full-blown pandemic and it’s far from over! The United States has over 96,000 deaths due to the virus and that number is rising. I’m sure the families and friends of the deceased don’t think it a “hoax.”

Another thing she is thankful for is how he cares for the American people and value lives. Does a person who cares make fun of and bully people? Does a person who value lives refuse to wear a mask in public? Wearing a mask is a way to take reasonable precautions from further spreading of the virus. If he really cares about lives, he would wear a mask in public to set a good example and to protect those around him.

The May 22 letter to the editor states: “He is criticized with every decision he made but he kept reaching out to governors to help them.” Really? I disagree with this. From what I have seen it depends on “WHO” the governor is and “WHAT” political party they belong to. One of his remarks about the governors was they “have to treat us well” if they want face masks and ventilators.

Most of the time I have trouble understanding what he says. How can a president say he is proud and “it’s a badge or honor” that because of testing the United States has the most coronavirus cases in the world. Is this REALLY something to be proud of? He has also said “without testing we would have very few cases.”

In her letter, she said she is thankful he doesn’t apologize to other foreign leaders for our “behavior.” I don’t understand what she means by this. What foreign countries? What behavior? He should be apologizing to the American citizens for his delayed response and mishandling of this virus.

The one thing I do agree with her on is when she says “he can be mouthy and abrasive sometimes.”




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