Trump supporter addresses columnist

To the editor:

I read an article by Connie Schultz asking us how we are now after three years of President Trump. The article was very anti-Trump with no facts.

So Connie let me tell you I am after three years. I am someone who is thankful that the president loves this country and cares about the American people. I’m thankful he wants OUR country and OUR economy to prosper. I’m thankful he values lives. From the unborn to the senior citizens.

I’m thankful he has put America first and has made it know that God watches over us.

Most leaders in the world put their own countries first but when he doesn’t, he’s demonized by the media. I’m thankful that since he has been president we are learning how corrupt the media is. I’m thankful for how he handled this COVID crisis. He was criticized with every decision he made but he kept reaching out to governors to help them. I’m thankful doesn’t apologize to other foreign leaders for our “behavior.” I feel more safe with Trump as president because I believe he shares a lot of the same values that many Americans have: a strong work ethic and a love for this country. He can be mouthy and abrasive sometimes but I feel he is real and I agree with about 95 percent of what he says. Maybe not the delivery. But he “gets” the America people.


East Liverpool


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