Michael Bloomberg’s defeat

To the editor: 

Imagine the bitter disappointment Mike Bloomberg must now be experiencing after his dismal performance in the Super Tuesday primaries. Except for the American Samoa caucus, he did not see a single first-place outcome. During his brief campaign, this Democrat spent enough to buy everybody in the USA a lunch. Did you get one?

“Mini-Mike,” as Donald Trump calls him, rebutted his detractor by claiming the true size of a man is measured from his neck up. In other words, how much brainpower is stuffed in that head.

Bloomberg is certainly not without smarts. As one of the wealthiest men in the world, he made his $60 billion primarily through sound financial practices via his prosperous Bloomberg LP enterprise, and in the process, made many others wealthy. A generous man, he admirably donated $8 billion to charities through The Giving Pledge. (“But that’s still not enough,” the liberal plaintively whines.)

As a politician, one would expect him to have equal savvy. And he should stand by what he’s said and done.

Taking the political stage, one of his first acts was to apologize for stern measures he’d implemented as mayor of New York City in fighting crime. “Stop and Frisk” one of them was called, and despite New York Times editorials to the contrary, it was working.

How about those non-disclosure agreements he made involving women upon whom he’d purportedly inflicted untoward advances? A legal agreement between consenting parties is a binding agreement and ought to not be disclosed regardless of what transpired, even though the also defunct Elizabeth Warren disagrees. Again, Bloomberg apologized after approving the release of three of the items.

He let himself take it on the chin in his first debate by the grating Elizabeth Warren. He had plenty of ammunition to fire back after the remarks she made about his “fat broads and horse-faced lesbians” comments. Rather than appearing presidential he acted the part of a field mouse encountering a copperhead. Most say he was unprepared, but by remaining silent, he most likely believed that being “nice” would make a good impression with prospective voters.

An apologetic little goodie two-shoes letting himself get hammered like that? “Nice” aint what’s needed in our no-holds-barred political arena. Guys on the street don’t like this, pal.

He gathered up his remaining fortune and retreated to his New York mansion. Mr. Trump, “Mini-Mike” is an apt name for Bloomberg after all.

Gail Wickstrom,




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