Government-controlled health systems not the solution

To the editor:

As the 2020 election season ramps up, health care has been front and center. While some presidential candidates argue over whether “Medicare for All” or “the public option” is the better proposal, in reality, either of these government-controlled systems would be detrimental to Ohioans, especially those of us who live in rural communities.

Under a new government-run health insurance system, middle-class Ohioans would face higher taxes, longer wait times and even a lower quality of care. These negative consequences would be felt even harder by Ohioans in rural communities. Many rural hospitals are already struggling, and research warns that under Medicare for All or the public option they could be forced to close their doors, causing patients to travel even further and wait longer for the care they need.

To make matters worse, Medicare for All would totally eliminate the employer-provided coverage more than 160 million Americans have today. While supporters of the public option claim it would preserve Americans’ existing coverage, it would actually destabilize the private market and eventually push Americans into a single, government-run system.

The reality is, these proposals wouldn’t help control health care costs or strengthen our at-risk hospitals, they would hit families with unaffordable tax increases and lower our quality of care. Ohioans deserve better.

John R. Morrow,



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