Upset with message posted by former East Liverpool mayor

To the editor:

I’m writing this letter to address an issue I have with a post from the former mayor of East Liverpool, Ryan Stovall. As a previous elected official, he needs to be held accountable for his actions and called out for the response he posted regarding The Review’s front page interview on Jan. 7, (specifically page A5) with the mayor-elect Greg Bricker.

In his post, Mr. Stovall condemned Mayor Bricker for deciding to forgo salary and benefits (approximately $65,000) his first year in office. As a candidate, Mayor Bricker did not want this decision to influence the voters. He chose not to disclose it to the public during his campaign but to wait instead until after the election results.

Once elected, he wanted to follow through on his campaign pledge to revitalize the city and ask city council to consider using the forgone money to bring back the “Better Cities” public policy that Mayor Bricker believes would once again benefit the city. Why would Mr. Stovall resent this? The fact is a pledge to others can be fulfilled in a variety of ways and a person should not be condemned for the choice they make which enables them to do so. Regardless of what Mr. Stovall would like voters to believe, Mayor Bricker cares for his city and for those he serves.

Mr. Stovall also chose to post remarks regarding Mayor Bricker’s family that were not only distasteful and uncalled for but have no bearing on his duties as mayor. His grandparents helped mold his character with integrity and instill in him a good work ethic. That’s what Mayor Bricker “inherited” from them! Instead of his sore loser attitude towards Mayor Bricker, Mr. Stovall should learn to show respect for the office he once held himself and to the constituents who elected Mayor Bricker. So I say to Mr. Stovall, the citizens of East Liverpool have spoken and there’s a new mayor in town. Get over yourself and move on!

Lauri Fritz,



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