Democrats need to flee from Trump

To the editor:

Aha! News flash! Here it is Tuesday, February 4, and the results of Monday’s Democrat caucus show no winner. Yet the Republicans report Donald Trump has won the Republican caucus overwhelmingly. Something smells.

What further proof do you need? Trump, Russia and the Ukraine have concocted a scheme to disrupt the Democrats during their caucus in Iowa. Do you need further proof that the orange man is going to manipulate the 2020 election? No use voting, Iowa.

Iowa would be a test to see if the evil aforementioned triumvirate could assure Trump of another stolen victory. Could someone please call Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff and congressman Nadler to get an immediate investigation and a possible impeachment of Donald Trump?

The Putin puppet will stop at nothing to usurp the reins of power. Like Putin he has no intention of ever leaving the White House. He believes he can remain for 30 more years. I have heard him say that at his rallies: he needs more years of control to “drain the swamp.”

Results of Iowa will have no meaning. They are not legitimate. This, like the three years of investigations of Trump will result in nothing. The orange man can’t be stopped. Democrats have only one choice: flee to Canada or Sweden immediately. Get your tickets before Trump builds a border wall to hold you in the USA.

Linda Wickstrom,

Newell, W.Va.


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