BDC executive director offers response

To the editor:

The Business Development of the Northern Panhandle, BDC, has worked with county, state and federal officials to secure over $1 million in grant funding to environmentally clean up the TS&T property in Chester which had been neglected and abandoned for nearly 30 years. Without this effort by the BDC and our partners, the TS&T site would still be an economic and environmental detriment to the city of Chester.

The BDC also partnered with the West Virginia Economic Development Authority, WVEDA, to finance and construct a building on the TS&T site as a way of attracting new business to Chester. Without the support of the WVEDA, this building would have never been constructed and the site would have never been cleaned up.

The city of Chester is not a participating community with the BDC and the Facebook post from Chester Mayor Morris on behalf of the City of Chester is completely inaccurate and misrepresentative of the collaboration occurring on TS&T between the BDC and WVEDA.

The BDC remains committed to finding a buyer for the TS&T site that will help revitalize the Chester economy but cooperation from local government officials will be crucial to any success in attracting a new company to Chester.

Marvin Six,

Executive Director,

Business Development Corp. of the Northern Panhandle



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