Frustrated with providing proof of ID

To the editor:

Who am I? I don’t know for sure who I am. I went to get a new driver’s license the other day. To be able to fly on a plan, your driver’s license must have a little star on it, that proves who you are.

I took my old Medicare card, my new Medicare card, title to my car, an electric bill, my army service card with picture, an old driver’s license with picture, an AAA membership card, my insurance company card, my credit union ID card, and a blood donor card.

I also had a birth certificate from East Liverpool City Hall, I got some years ago. But they said it’s just a copy. It didn’t have a stamp on it.

Even if they had stamps it years ago it still would be a copy of the original, that must of not had a stamp on it, or it would of showed up when it was copied.

So I just got a regular license. I won’t be able to fly in a plane.

The government has been giving me Social Security for over 20 years. The company I worked for gives me a pension and pays my insurance.

You’d of thought they’d of made me prove who I am a year ago. Without the stamps on my birth certificate. I am not sure I was that baby born in 1933? I have no proof who I am!

Robert Sullivan,



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