A rebuttal: Everyone wins with defeat of traffic cameras

To the editor:

Recently a former city auditor voiced an opinion on how the only people who win after the defeat of the traffic cameras are speeders. As an American, and as one who was an elected official, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Absolutely no one that fought to end the cameras condoned speeding, and we are all in agreement that speeding can and does increase fatalities due to traffic related accidents. What there seems to be a disconnect with is you either don’t understand your rights as an American provided by you in the constitution or you simply want to pick and choose which ones people should have.

Simply taking a picture of a license plate, with no proof of who the driver is, does not constitute guilt. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 72 percent of people are the actual offenders. One in four people ticketed are wrongly accused and fined as such. To make matters worse, hiding these infractions under the veil of “civil citations” takes the burden of proof and places it on the accused. Therefore many people often were forced to place the blame to another person–another violation of your constitutional rights.

If the fact that those rights were being slowly whittled away by local government didn’t upset you, then the blatant fact that the cities administration refused their citizens the right to vote on legislation should make you outraged. East Liverpool is not a fascist, totalitarian city that gets to make its own set of rules. The mayor, safety service director and police force who agreed to take the overtime to use the cameras do not get a free pass to falsely accuse and violate citizens rights. All the while banning people off public Facebook pages who disagreed with them and creating anonymous aliases to troll and insult those same people that disagreed.

Who are the real winners and losers here? The city and your rights as an American are the real winners. Just remember: if you’re willing to give up liberty for the false promises of safety, you deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Joe Pastore,



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