Speeders are winners with defeat of traffic camera issue

To the editor:

The voters in East Liverpool have done their city a grievous act. When the traffic camera issue was defeated, only the abusers of speed laws were the winners.

These are people with an inability to control themselves within the laws that have been set up to protect the public. Of course, breaking laws generally has a monetary cost attached to it and that is likely the real issue. These offenders are unwilling to pay for choices they have made. When you choose to break the law, there is a penalty for that.

Who did the traffic camera hurt? Only the offenders. Who did the traffic cameras help? The property taxpayer and residents in general. As the town continues to lose population, it follows that it continues to lose revenue to maintain the city. The cost of services provided by the city must now be shared among those who are left. Simple economics. When homes are torn down, we lose not only property tax income but water and sewer income as well. Income that is much needed to maintain our aged system.

Historically, the police department has been the biggest user of tax income. The general fund, meant to help other departments and to be a source of emergency money, was often used by the PD. I commend PD for taking measures to support their department. We need our police on the streets in this drug town, not sitting for hours trying to catch speeders. Let an outside source deal with these lawbreakers.

The attorney they had was saying “taxation without representation.” Taxation will never be on the same level as fines levied for breaking the law. Who in their right mind would begin to equate one to the other? Sadly, we live in a time where mothers forget their babies are in a hot car. HOW is that possible? HOW do you forget your baby? Responsibility no longer lies with the individual so they must be regulated in other ways.

Only one man, in the four years I was in office, came to ask for a copy of the budget. Only one out of thousands who live here. Council meetings and committee meetings are often devoid of public attendance. No wonder residents are uninformed. They take no interest in hearing for themselves what transpires in these meetings but rely instead on gossip and however a former reporter chooses to massage the truth.

With the loss of quoted camera revenue of 20 percent to the general fund, money that could have been earmarked for street repair, will not be. Brian Allen stated that there will be no layoffs in the police department. That means that PD will go back to draining tax income.

I hope those involved in the continued demise of this city are happy with the loss of much needed revenue that could have saved us. I hope your pockets are deep enough to make up for your mistake.

Terry Sprague,

Former City Auditor, East Liverpool


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