Of ants, grasshoppers and the Democratic Party

To the editor:

Enough cannot be said. In an ongoing saga of fighting for what is right, an opportunity once again arises for the industrious ant to experience the joy of being of service to the grasshopper disinclined to work. To paraphrase an old saying, let the ant toil whilst the grasshopper delights us all with his amusing antics. He may perhaps dance or draw pictures for us.

But remember, the grasshopper needs lots of money that he may be properly nourished and sustained. Which poses a dilemma: how should the funds required for the grasshopper’s needs be procured?

After ponderous thought, an answer is found. Skimming the political spectrum, a direct hit strikes forcefully home. Heed what Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are saying: billionaires with their ungodly surpluses of wealth are obliged to cough up. Never mind that entrepreneurs, making critical decisions in maintaining enterprises that provide jobs for countless millions who’d otherwise be without means of subsistence, should be obliged to ante up.

That’s not good enough, jobs or no jobs. These selfish hogs should be taxed, I’m guessing, at a 90% rate according to these worthies. Bravo Bernie and Elizabeth. The industrious ant should then rejoice in the monies flowing into what unkind critics might call a “liberal sump.” Phooey on these spiteful churls.

Of course, “good” billionaires such as Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer or Warren Buffet should be exempted since they are generous contributors to the Democrat Party — the fountainhead of all “just” legislation redounding not only to the benefit of the working man, but also to the grasshopper.

An obstacle remains. That unworthy orange man, Donald Trump, has first got to go. The path, the conduit for his removal, is Adam Schiff. With Nancy Pelosi having given her blessing, may proceedings swiftly culminate in impeachment. Praise Adam Schiff for his unwavering effort to remove this obstructionist from office that laudable aims may be realized.

I would be remiss not to mention another distinguished luminary, viz., Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Praise AOC for her valiant effort in fighting global warming. Trillions of dollars are, of course, needed for this cause. An estimated $50 trillion dollars should not be of concern — money well spent that the grasshopper may dance upon a clement earth.

One last observation is worthy of mention. Untold mysteries can be read in the countenances of Adam and Alexandria. With their wondrous space-alien physiognomies, their lustrous protuberant orbs, one can readily be convinced that their deep concerns for humanity are too abstruse for the ordinary jay on the street to apprehend. Schiff and Ocasio-Cortez seen together would inspire an innocent to assume a marriage made in heaven.

May heaven help us should they succeed.

Gail Wickstrom,

Newell, W.Va.


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