What is with the excessive money spent by candidate?

What is with the excessive money spent by candidate?

To the editor:

Columbiana County has been my home for almost 30 years. It is a good place to live. I share life in this beautiful county with people who work hard to make a decent living and raise their families.

It has not escaped my notice that much of the county is literally littered with the campaign signs from one of the candidates for municipal judge, who according to public record, has spent $338,000 (as of Oct. 24) to campaign for this judgeship — which pays only about $130,000 annually. She has outspent her opponent by a margin of more than 10 to one (Morning Journal, Oct. 29, 2019). Why? Is anyone else besides me shocked with the obscene amount of money spent on Ms. Dickey’s campaign?

After paying income tax, it seems reasonable to think her expenses would hardly be recouped after a six year term in office. How much good that excessive amount of money spent on this campaign could have done for various needs in Columbiana County.

Joyce Campian,

East Rochester


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