Socialism is no good

To the editor:

What will happen if socialism ultimately prevails here in the USA? Some say we’re there already. But not quite. For all those who’ve swallowed the promises of peace and prosperity, qualities supposedly inherent in socialism, a brief glance at history is in order.

One cannot simply accept the tenets of socialism without a close reading of its primary advocates, viz., Marx and Engels. Go even further back and examine the ideas of the “Free Thinkers” of Europe of the late eighteenth century. Those errant philosophers promise utopia, but invariably it is at the expense of the producer.

We have all observed the hypocrisy of communism: it promises one thing but practices another, ­the enslavement in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics of its people to the state, the Stalinist genocides during the darkness of the 1930’s and afterward. Marx postulated that after capitalism was dismantled and his social reforms implemented, the state would ultimately disappear, assuring utopia. This pipe dream has never transpired. Communism will stay in place until it fails of its own accord.

How about Nazi Germany? The Nazis paraded under the banner of National Socialism. While industry was largely given free rein, the citizens of Germany became totally subservient to the state. Whether it’s a madman causing horrific genocide or a brace of eggheads exuding “brilliance” for their purring admirers, the end is always the same: government is the boss and you are required to accept it.

China has a better plan. Let the major cities practice free market capitalism on a large scale while their Communist bosses remain fat and happy.

Free market capitalism is the only economic system that has lifted nations to unheralded prosperity, right from scratch. The United States of America is the prime example. Name one country whereby socialism has evolved from nothing to a state of freedom and prosperity. You can’t. It hasn’t happened yet and will never happen. Those espousing socialism must first rely on the fruits of capitalism to achieve their primary aim of wealth distribution: Rob Peter to pay Paul.

Plenty of faults can be found with capitalism: excruciating child labor in England, oppressive working conditions in the USA, particularly during the Industrial Revolution; and not least of all, slavery. Study the muckrakers in the USA in the early 20th century for example. Upton Saint Clair, albeit himself a socialist, exposed grossly unfair labor practices. But despite all its warts, the USA does not even come close in comparison with the horrific genocides caused by Nazi Germany and by the Soviet Union upon its own citizenry. It’s as though comparing a dunghill to a city dump.

But oh, the progressives will chirp, “our socialism is good socialism.” Look at Sweden and Denmark. We’re going to let private industry flourish just like they do, and see that everyone gets fair treatment” Then again look at Venezuela.

Socialists may well get their chance to see that happen here. If it does, expect complacency, stagnation and eventual chaos.

Gail Wickstrom,

Newell, WV


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