Upset with blacktop job on SR 170

To the editor:

I must be the dumbest person in the world . I always thought that new blacktop was to make roads better not like we ended up with on state Route 170. Where were government inspectors that were suppose to watch out for taxpayer money?

Used to be contractors raised manholes not leave them as potholes like state Route 170 westbound curb lane. All along the edge of whole job, grindings were not cleaned up and hauled away. Several spots on new blacktop have clumps of blacktop left behind after the paver went by. Those used to be thrown back in paver not left on top of new roadway for speed bumps. Also has spots where new surface has ridges or bumps.

At west end of job at red light they left hole about 7-8 inches deep. It’s not direct part of road but it will collect salt and water in winter especially to eat away at edge of new road. No one should drive threw them but heaven help you if anyone gets their tire caught in it. It will definitely cause you to crash. Why didn’t they take extra lumps on new surface and put it in that hole to fill it to prevent someone from crashing and possibly getting hurt or hurting others? Shame on all involved. Once again poor old taxpayer gets ripped off. What happened to getting good bang for our bucks?

Charles Sayre,

East Liverpool


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