Praise for city administrators for being proactive

To the editor:

I have been following the efforts of the city of East Liverpool’s cdministration to rid the city of blighted and uninhabitable properties and they should be applauded for their initiative. City Housing Inspector Bob Smith has “stepped up to the plate” and is spearheading this program with the same enthusiasm, professionalism, compassion and devotion he displayed as a city firefighter for almost three decades.

Bob certainly has a rewarding job in many ways as he tries to rid the city of properties that cause health problems, public safety, fire hazards and absolutely drag down all property values in that neighborhood and the city. In tandem with this he is citing landlords that take advantage of the sometimes disadvantaged people that inhabit these properties. From what I’ve read many of these uninhabitable properties are recurrently owned by the same people so it is not an isolated issue.

Bob does not find solace nor does he get enjoyment from evicting people from where they live but the neighbors that live in these areas should be relieved the stench, unsightliness and other associated problems are being addressed.

Those people that choose to criticize either Bob or the city administration on social media for actually doing the right moral and legal thing simply add to the problem. It is extremely easy to sit on a couch sipping a cup of coffee and throw out your negative thoughts accompanied with finger pointing but it would be better served if these same people would go to a city council meeting and during the public comment session stand up and ask “what can I do to help”!

Don’t sit back and say “they haven’t done anything in 10 years” because that is history. This is the present and the future and they, the Administration through Bob Smith and his staff are “doing it now!”

Bob’s goal is to make East Liverpool the city that “you want” it to be!!

Paul Anthony,



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